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Reminder for questions and answers.

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Questions and answers need to generally be formal. You usually aren't "talking" to people. This means you shouldn't be using

  • nub
  • n00b
  • gurllllll
  • phat
  • queso
  • k
  • heyyy

Or any other form of slang text. Break these rules, you die. They don't apply to comments.

Have a nice day!

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Queso is text slang for "Okay so".
Only when used by you Once. Otherwise I get to eat all of that queso.
I'm feliz that Senor Kijani will come that queso.
I'm sorry, we aren't being weaboos? 'Kay. :3
From now on please I shall be known as Señor Picante, and I will only consume the finest queso, most preferably queso de cabra.
Oh hooray, we're going back to our Spanish names! If you don't remember, I'm Pasteles Calientes P:

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heyyyyyyy ninja u nub stahp being a n00b and a gurllllllllllllllllllllllllll.queso just wantd 2 sae dat r talking is very phat k?

Jk, but I strongly agree. This site should maintain it's beauty and formality with proper spellings. This isn't your Facebook chat. There are certain regulations that need to be followed, because no one is just above the law.

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