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NEW User-friendly Tutor and Apprentice!

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So, you want to be a good competitive battler? Well, one of our top notch battlers can help you! Be ready for some harsh training. Brush up... brush down...

This is how it works:


If you want to be an apprentice, answer this thread. Say anything you want about yourself. Be sure to include what you are trying to learn. It can be more than just a tier, it can even be teambuilding. Be sure to include your Timezone, and include times available. If you want, include a preferred tutor. A recognized tutor on this thread might comment and accept you. You can accept anyone... but this thread will have the best.

From a tutor you can expect:

  • 6 hours or more of teaching.

    • A new team or an improved one.

You should try to meet with your tutor regularly. The longer the time spent, the better.
Do not include images. The page becomes insanely slow when everyone and their mother uses them.


To apply to be a tutor you must:

  • Comment on this thread with the words "I would like to be a tutor."
  • When you do comment, a Moderator or Editor will background check you.
  • If you are good enough, you get a pass. If you are an Expert once you get a pass go ahead and edit your tutor info in. If you have no editing powers, just ask someone who does.
  • If you aren't passed, be patient. If there is no response, you are being judged. If hidden, you have not passed.
  • Moderators, Editors, and people with 600 RMT points have no need for backing.
    Your information should include: Your PS! Username, your timezone, and some general information about you, plus what you teach. You need to spend 6 hours with your apprentice.

Failure to complete your tutoring in one month removes you from the list. Fail... and you get demoted on the server,

Post Tutorage:

After you finish with your tutor... we have an 8 man double elimination tournament. Fancy prizes. You get to pick... 2!

  • Demote anyone to nothing for a whole day!
  • Be promoted for a whole week!
  • Ban your tutor for a day!
  • Get a custom symbol for a week!
asked Jan 23 by Ninja
LeBoos has my blessing
Could someone please temp tutor stare890 until I can use Showdown again?
The 600 RMT Points is absolutely stupid, and I don't believe in the fact that people with more than 6000 points have the aptitude to correctly tutor someone. That being said, even though I have almost the double of required RMT points, I'd want to be a tutor, and I do want your backup. BW NU of course, and I'll be taking up XY NU. And you won't find any better than me as a tutor in this tier and in this website, I assure you.
*Backing up JCM*  :P  i would like to be tutored in NU by you or semp if you have time. Probaly making an answer here tomorow

EDIT: forgot about timezones ;~;
Will be off for over a week due to the approching death of a family member. I'd appreciate it if that could not be deducted from my time tutoring my current apprentice.

23 Answers

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List of Tutors:

Timezone: GMT + 11 (GMT + 10 when out of Daylight Savings)
Availability: Varies, look for me on chat or tell me yours
PS Usernames: Sempiternus, Knightofdragon, AncientWarGreymon

I teach Battling Strategy and Ubers . So ;

  • Basic Battling and Strategy
  • How to not press the super effective move immediately. Sorry I mean prediction.
  • Utilising the peanuts we call brains
  • More advanced Ubers, Gen 6 and Gen 5.
  • Not complaining about Legendaries

I'm a more hands-on guy so I'll be making you get a lot of experience rather than yell at you through chat. However that's pretty fun too. Anyway while I'm teaching overall battling things, I'll also be happy to do some basic tier-specific stuff. I'll also be doing Ubers for people who want to get to a higher level in that tier specifically and are already at a decent/basic level for that.

I expect from an apprentice;

  • Basic knowledge of teambuilding
  • A way of typing/speaking which I can understand
  • Uses Pokemon Showdown

Note: I would much prefer tutees with a similar timezone

Timezone: CET (GMT +1)
Availability: Basically every day past 7 PM.
PS Usernames: Flafpert

Il be teaching Gen 5 UU Battling. This means you will be learning:
- How to survive in UU.
- What fauna not to disrupt.
- Basic UU battling where necessary (prediction, synergy, teambuilding).

So I'll be teaching Gen 5 UU. Everything about Gen 5 UU. All that you need to know to survive in this harsh, unforgiving wilderness. But if you just want to get into competitive battling, without prior knowledge, il happily take you in.

What I expect from a apprentice:
- Active
- Fairly available (corresponding timezone a plus)
- Uses Pokemon Showdown!

I won't be accepting any more tutees until the end of February
Timezone: Mountain Time Zone (UTC-07:00)
Availability: Normally Tuesday-Saturday from around 10am to 3 pm (sudden changes may apply)
PS Usernames: MrKijani / The Drowned Sailor / The Elds of Rado

I teach advanced battling skills, including:

  • Strategies
  • Prediction
  • Reading your opponent
  • Playstyles

If you're interested I can help you raise your battling to a new level by utilizing some of the more basic and complex strategies, how to utilize them effectively, predicting on a more advanced level, reading your opponent's team, and how to handle different playstyles.

What I expect from my apprentice:

  • Good understanding of teambuilding (you don't need to build an effective team, just know how to do it)
  • Able to battle on an intermediate level
  • Asks lots of Questions (not a must but definitely nice)

Kenzie_Crobat: Graduated!

Timezone: Arizona Mountain Time (GMT -7)
Availability: Usually 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Look for me on the DB Server.
I only use Pokemon Showdown!

I teach Basic Teambuilding, which includes:

  • How to build a balanced, synergized team
  • All weather except Hail
  • The basics of EV spreads, Natures, and IVs
  • Cores

If you're relatively new to competitive battling or feel like your teams are missing something, I'm your girl. I prefer to teach by making you learn, so expect to battle me a lot while I give you instructions in Private Message or the Battle Chat.
I'm willing to work with anyone with any style, provided they can listen. Once you've learned the basics and some of the most common sets, I'll introduce you to the wonder of creating your own, unique sets. My goal is to get you to a level where you are skilled enough to find your own style.
I can teach any tier, but my preferred ones are: Ubers, OU, UU, and NU.
Weather-wise, I can train you in anything except Hail. (If you really want to touch on Hail, I can give you some movesets, but otherwise, you're out of luck.)

What I expect from an apprentice:

  • Willingness to listen and learn
  • Understandable grammar
  • Creativity
  • Uses Pokemon Showdown!

Timezone: CET (GMT +1)
Availability: Every day past 8 PM.
PS Usernames: Leader Demon, AlphaDraconis

I will tutor Smogon Doubles and VGC

I can tutor Basic and Advanced Doubles and VGC. I'll teach how to stand your ground in this fastpaced metagame . I'll learn you sets and strategies commonly used in this format and also how to teambuild effectively. So wanna make it double? Join in!

Expectations from my apprentice:
- Basic knowledge of EVs and IVs and natures
- A certain basic idea of topthreats in Doubles (not required)

Timezone: EST
Availability: Weekdays, Around 3-5 p.m. Weekends, anytime
PS Usernames: DoctorFlame

I teach a more advanced skill of battling Basically,

  • Synergy
  • Better teams
  • My main tier is UU, however I am good in most tiers (doesn't include NU or LC or Doubles)
  • Stuff

I like to build creative teams and I guess my teaching style will show that. :o? Anyway if you want me as a tutor basically just know that I will be teaching through battling and P-Pad.

What hopefully my apprentice has :D
- Good internet
- Patience (Hopefully)
- Grammar

Timezone: EST
Availability: Weekdays, Around 5-11 p.m. Weekends, anytime
PS Usernames: PimpNubz, Infamous

I teach many things Basically,

  • Tiers: OU, LC, and OU Monotype. If you are instrested in any other those(mostly Monotype and LC) im you guy.
  • Teambuilding
  • Synergy
  • Many other things

Like Flame if you want me as a tutor know that I will be teaching through battling and P-Pad, and on occasion the Classroom on the DB Server.

What I would like my apprentices to be like
- A actual desire to learn
- Patience, I dont want anybody to constantly bother me, which means if I dont respond to you right away dont keep typing my name, that irritates me.
- A basic understanding of battling, im not looking for someone who can tangle with the best of them just someone i dont need to teach the basics to.

Timezone: EST
availability: weekdays 6-9 (varies), weekends unpredictable
PS! usernames: tazzie

I teach basics

  • Synergy
  • Basic Prediction
  • Basic Teambuilding
  • what not to use

I will be teaching though the classroom on our server, P-pad, and just find me on the server

What I expect in apprentices
- Eager to learn
- good grammar
- uses PS!

answered Jan 23 by Ninja
edited Feb 22 by MrKijani
I need some practice in teambuilding, but my school days are really hectic this time of the year, so how long is this arrangement up?
Also, i dont think i would manage to bypass the grammar thing :P
I'm bad with timezones, can someone edit in the extra info on mine? Example: GMT +1
I have literally no idea what that means.
Doc or Kyron, your battle style is vaguely similar to mine, and you like all the tiers i like, and i end up seeing you often in chat or server. Could one of you bail me out please? we'll have lots of fun :D
GMT+1 means one hour ahead of Grenwich (or however you spell it) Mean Time. So if it's 12:00 in Grenwich, then it's 13:00 there. The same with all +/- on GMT.
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Under KoD

Well, I think I am not that good at Competitive Battling :I
I would like to learn how to team-build properly, predict switches and force switches.

Timezone: EST
I usually go on DB Showdown at 4:00 PM EST, then stay there until 10-11 PM EST.

I would like KoD(Sempiternus) to be my tutor.

answered Jan 23 by Puff
edited Jan 27 by Sempiternus
Lol K I'll take you.

.... I'm going to have to suffer even more Sempiderfock now I assume?
lol :L
It's Sempiderpafock btw :P
I always put derp in everyone's names.
(Exception) PackuhMustard
Derp Derp :l
0 votes

To put it bluntly... I suck.

Showdown Name: Le Scraf, Meteor 17, Lord Scraf, βϵτα Scraf
Timezone: CST (UTC - 06:00)
Availability: Weekends I'm pretty available, but my weekday schedule is kind of wonky. Thursdays are no-nos. Weekdays try to go on from 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM (my time) to find me.
Preferred Tier: NU, just learning UU

Preferred Tutor: Ninja.

answered Jan 23 by Scraϝ
I'm not sure about NU.
It doesn't have to be NU, just competitive in general.
That and learning how to read.
Shoulda gone to specsavers o3o
I am seriously still po'd over that mistake
0 votes

Now under Dr.Flame

Yeah...I'm...not the best competitive battler. Probably because my teambuilding is atrocious. The tier I'm looking at is OU.
PS! name (main alt): Goodragoodragoo
Timezone: GMT (mainly on weekends and some weekday evenings, variable because homework sucks.)
Preferred tutor: As Doc Flame now has the blessing of the almighty Ninja, I would prefer him to be my tutor, as he can teach me all the ways of UU (and of Murkrow :P)
Note to prospective tutors: Clearly, I has all of teh grammaticals and speelings ;P

answered Jan 23 by Phoebus Apollo~
edited Jan 25 by Phoebus Apollo~
ProNub lel. And now.../me steals Flame!
Downvote this, Flame do not accept!!! He's faking his nubishness.
Faking nubishness pls. I only 5-0'd him just after he accepted me... o wait. Jk, if that Baton  Pass to Exploud didn't work, then I would have died. Quite painfully.
+ I'm a complete n0000b in UU. So. Mike. Here's a tissue for your tears, and shaddap, k :D?
*Hides answer* Take the tissue, you need it more than me :3 Don't listen to this Pro guys...
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I want to get back into competitive. Need a tutor for that.

Let's see... I've been around for a good two years. Never got into competitive. My goal is to make my power level over 9000, err, I mean be the best trainer there is. I want to learn advanced basics. Beyond EV and IV basics. I want to learn beyond these.

PS! Username: Raised By Wolves

Time Zone: UTC +5:00

I prefer to work with my tutor on weekends. I'm not home on weekdays.
And that first reward seems like gewd revenge...

answered Jan 23 by Ayan
0 votes

PX need some help again, unfortunately ;~;

Massive Thanks, Kyron :P

Yeah, I'd love to get some teaching done. I've had extended periods of time with no battling whatsoever, and this includes the crucial switch into Gen 6. Anyone feel like bailing me out?

Name: Recoded
PS! Alts: Recoded, LastChanceBreaker, Professor Xerilia, Switchback, NameStealer123
Timezone: GMT + Zero (UK)
Tiers I'd like to learn: Pretty much any :P. I'm open to whatever the teacher would like to teach

Things I need to learn:

  • Advanced Team building
  • Transition from Gen 5 to gen 6
  • The basics of the new tiers, and what sets and Pokemon are viable

I'm still an OK battler actually. I'm just struggling to cope with new conditions is all. I have decent experience, so you don't have to worry about things like EVs and IVs. More of the advanced stuff, or the transition of Gens and tiers. I'm more of a defensive battler, but I can flex and mold to fit any situation should the need arise. I'm also open for multiple tiers, though I'd prefer one at a time XD

Again, huge thanks for the revival of this place. Please make sure everyone knows about it, and keep the great effort up!

answered Jan 23 by Graveyard Shift
edited Jan 25 by Graveyard Shift
Hey PX.
Okay Recoded ill tutor you.
0 votes

Mr.Kijani is mah Tutor.

I am on the average level in battling so I'd like to go more advanced. I'm not a noob.I just need to get better at prediction, I'm pretty good but sometimes I overpredict. My strategies are ok but need a little help. I want to be more advanced in battling because I think I'm average, but not as good as I want to be.
Timezone: UTC+05:00
Showdown Name: Cronous, King of Time
Preferred Tier : OU, Ubers
Preferred Tutor: MrKijani

answered Jan 24 by Kronos
edited Jan 27 by Kronos
I'd be willing to teach you, what times are you on normally? You're six hours ahead of me (seven after daylight savings) so that works out pretty good if you're on later in the day your time.
Thanks.I'm on 2:30PM to 4:00 PM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And on Tuesday and Thursday I'm on from 2:30PM to 3:30PM. Sometimes I'm on from 7:00PM to 9:00PM. On weekdays and holidays I'm on from 6:00AM to 9:00 AM. And then for a hour later on the day.
Sounds good?
Honestly the best time that works there is the 7-9 pm. I don't get on until around 10 am my time which is 4 pm your time. So if there's any way we could make that 7-9pm slot work that'd be great.
I'll try, because that seems possible for mew. I'm just listing the times I am on normally, I'll try to get on 7-9 PM. It's not hard. Are you talking about my time in 7-9PM? If yes, then I can come on that time.
Yeah, your time 7-9 pm because that's my time 1-3 pm so it works out almost perfectly for me. We'll start in February as discussed on the server.
I look forward to teaching my first student!
Me too! Lol
0 votes

I would love to have a tutor... I'm just gonna say right now, I'm terrible at competitive...

I need better Synergy, Prediction, finding the perfect moveset, the correct choice for items and ability.
PS names: DennoSenshiPorygon, Puppy Boulder, Brambletail, and Pomerainian
Time zome: Mountain Standard Time
I don't care who my tutor is, as long as I can get a lot better at these skills.
I'm not on as much as I used to, but I'll be mostly available on the weekends.

I have an understanding of pokemon types, move types, abilities and what they do. I have a very good understanding on pokemon weaknesses and strengths, but I am struggling on Fairy type.
EDIT: I am worst at NU and UU, and kinda good at Ubers and OU

answered Jan 24 by Enderdragon
0 votes

I Suck... really. The only tier i'm not that bad at is NU. However the rest are like Hell to me. I'd like a tutor to help become better in Ubers, OU, and NU. I also need help refining my prediction skills, and help in teambuilding.

Timezone: GMT -6
Pokemon Showdown Username: Maus23 and Zekrom88

This year i'm entering 6th grade so it's going to be hard for me to be very active. I'll try to be on showdown 6-8pm(My time) on weekdays and 11-1am(My time) on weekends.

answered Jan 24 by Zekrom88
I could take you if u want
0 votes

I would like to get lots of practice battling a seasoned Trainer and get pointers on my switching strategies and other handling of my team. I would also like to have my team reviewed thoroughly. I would like to learn other battle strategies, as well. I possess an extended knowledge of EVs, Natures, egg moves, and IVs (I breed for all of these things).

I would prefer to be tutored by MrKijani for convenience. I am in the Eastern timezone, so I am just a couple of hours ahead of you. Your schedle should work so we could start around 2pm your time and get an hour in on weekdays, more on Saturday.

I hope you will accept me!

answered Jan 24 by Kenzie_Crobat
edited Jan 24 by Kenzie_Crobat
I'm going to be tutoring someone else Wednesday and Fridays so I could teach you on Saturdays throughout February.
That sounds great!
Congrats Kenzie!
:3 Thanks, Sensei
0 votes

"I can tutor Basic and Advanced Doubles and VGC. I'll teach how to stand your ground in this fastpaced metagame . I'll learn you sets and strategies commonly used in this format and also how to teambuild effectively. So wanna make it double? Join in!"

AD and Me, lez go Double Time.

Name:Psychic X

Got to beat the league somehow!

answered Jan 24 by &Psychic x
And you say I don't need tutoring...Gowai Mike ;P
Eyeyeyeyeyey, this is Doubles, not Singles xP So gowai Ion :P
Sure, find me on Gtalk
I don't use GTalk anymore now :/
0 votes

Currently being tutored by Flafpert

I'm not too good at competetive battling (I know this cos I've been told) so I would love to have a tutor. I know all the basics and I have good spelling and grammar (that's a fact).

Showdown Name: Toxic Gengar (or any variations)

Timezone: GMT (UK)

Availability: Mainly Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays (4:00 ish to 5:00/5:30 in my time). Occaisionally weekends which could be anytime.

Preferred Tier: I quite like UU, and don't mind any other tiers.

Preferred Tutor: I'm not too sure. Any that can manage me I guess.

answered Jan 25 by Fist Of Justice
edited Jan 25 by Flafpert
Depending on what you want to learn, I could tutor you.
That would be great. We have similar timezones so this could work. As for what I want to learn, I guess it is tactics, predictions, strategies ect. Like you, I prefer Gen 5 to Gen 6.
So I hope you can tutor me!
When does this start? February?
As soon as possible really. When both of us are on chat/server the tutoring will start.
0 votes

I am totally new to competitive battling. I would like to learn how. I don't know anything about EV's or IV's or anything. How do i start? What is all of the showdown things about?

Time Zone: Central Time Zone (UTC: 6:00)

Time Available: anytime on weekends

answered Jan 27 by blaziken99
edited Jan 27 by blaziken99
I think all the Tutors would like you to have a LITTLE knowledge on Competitive Battling. So, you can look around http://www.smogon.com for a start in competitive battling. :3
btw what people mean by Showdown or "PS" is Pokemon Showdown, an online battle simulator targeted at competitive battles. Almost everybody on the site uses it, so you might want an account.
I'm the only tutor that's willing to teach EVs and stuff. If I start seeing you here:
pokemondatabase.psim.us more, then i'll take you. But otherwise I never see you, so :/
0 votes

I'm new to this showdown thing and I would like it if someone guided me on how to become a good battler,along with team building and strategies.I would like to have Sempiternus as my tutor.My Showdown username is Ze chrome.

answered Feb 4 by ZekromMaster
edited Feb 8 by ZekromMaster
0 votes

Sempiternus has :D

I would like to apply for Sempiternus as my tutor
Timezone:GMT+11(GMT+ 10 non daylight savings)
I would like to learn how to properly build a team and use it to the fullest of my ability as well as working on my prediction

answered Feb 4 by Young Reezy
edited Feb 4 by Sempiternus
0 votes

Currently under AD

I would like to be tutored for doubles.

I remember when I tutored AD a while ago and he wasn't that good and I thrashed him with my signature strategy, but I haven't really been into it for a while.

Timezone: GMT
Available: Mostly about 5:00
Usernames: AegisDatLash, Infiniti, NotAnAegis

And I've beaten him again :D

answered Feb 8 by AegisDatLash
edited Mar 9 by AegisDatLash
Ok I am in
0 votes

Temp tutor: tazzie
Tutor later: Poke'slash

My preferred tutor is Poke'Slash, if she doesn't mind. (4:00 PM for her is 6:00 PM for me)

I'm normally on between 4:00 and midnight my time (EST)
I pretty much just suck at battling, and everything Slash teaches is pretty much what I need to learn. I am terrible at team building and I also suck at using well made teams.
I think Poke Slash would be the best tutor for me right now..Even though I've been competitive battling for a whole year now i consider myself a novice.

I don't actually care who tutors me I would just prefer Slash as she seems to be my best fit right now.

Oh, and my.username is Smelly JellyFish, Im normally on so pretty much any time would be fine for me.

answered Feb 8 by Amiable Angemon
edited Feb 10 by Poke'slash
I've seen you online, so I guess the timing wouldn't be a problem. I can definitely take you on, the problem is, due to internet issues I will be inactive on Showdown for quite a while and can't even watch replays. So if I did take you on, we'd need to wait several weeks before I could actually battle you and such. Perhaps someone else can take you on as a temp tutor until then?
Ok, that would be fine.
Anyone like to be my temp tutor? I'm in desperate need.
I could take you temporarily
Alright, thanks! When can we start?
Thanks tazzie.
0 votes

I really need a tutor. I have good pokemon with good ivs and movesets in my opinion but i cant use them right, so I usually lose. Im usuall on between 3 and 9 pm on weekdays and between 10 am and midnight on saturday. Please tutor me someone. My name is CosmicDragonSlayer. ^3^
Fish face. (I use pokemon X is this only for showdown?)

answered Feb 8 by CosmicDragonSlayer
It sounds like you need someone to tutor over wifi. Can you clarify please?
Ya i need a wifi tutor for pokemon x... if this is for pokemon x.
Some of the tutors will only teach via Showdown as it's easier, but someone may be willing to teach you over wifi.
Do you know anyone that would be willing to teach me?
0 votes

I've gotten a bit rusty on teambuilding

I need to work on my synergyzing and of the like. You better be good at it too, because i'm not about to waste my time on something I already know how to do.

I need:
• Decent knowledge team building and synergy
• Better knowledge on threats and all of that technical stuff of the Gen VI Metagame.

Timezone: EST
Showdown Name: Gliscurr
PO Name:
Preferred Tutor: Anyone who can get the job done

I suggest one of the prizes being 'Getting rid of Scizbot for a week'

answered Feb 8 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
0 votes

Yeah, i'm a tutor applying to be tutored. Problem?

Anyway, I want to learn a new tier. Same old OU and LC are getting boring, so I'd like to learn one of the following tiers on an advanced level
Ubers (still not convinced it is good)
gen 5 RU

answered Feb 9 by tazzie
lol you're a tutor?
Ooo RU...Not sure if I'm good enough to tutor you though :/
I'm willing to teach EVs and IVs and stuff unlike other tutors, so yeah.
You can't just say you're a tutor. You need a mod's backing...  Especially if you're asking to be an apprentice.
He got ninja's backing actually :P