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Update the Rules

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Hey there. Some rules should go without saying, but sometimes there are rules that maybe new user doesn't get and proceeds to break them even though they have been warned. For example, a user may roleplay in Chat, but thinks they are in the clear as it isn't included in the rules. As I'm typing this, a newer user had been breaking the rules without an official authority to end it. This user was roleplaying and refused to quit as it wasn't stated in the Rules. We pretty much ended what happens to RPers last Fall, but no one sees those posts anymore anyways, but to avoid confusion, just throw some extra stuff into the Rules.

asked Feb 2, 2014 by melcakes
RPing itself isn't an offence, just if it begins to irritate other users or get's out of hand, which is very often. If everyone on chat is fine or can ignore it without effort then there isn't really a problem. Ofc, Mods and Editors can kick at their discretion, as always, so it is down to them really. But on the whole, we do need an update.
+1 I agree
I don't think we need to update the rules just for role playing.
I don't think it's just for roleplaying, just in general. I think he used RP as an example

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OK I added a rule for no roleplaying.

answered May 28, 2014 by Pokemaster
selected Jun 4, 2014 by melcakes