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The question quality is insanely low.

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Many duplicate questions, questions that can be easily looked up, and stuff of the likes have been popping up.

This is honestly degrading the value of points and now they are now easy to get, like pennies (or bundles of $500 for Bill Gates.) We have 40 Experts+ on the site with the newest editon of Brotad.

The majority of the questions are from newer users, which is why I propose this:

All questions that users ask that have x points or below must be approved by an Expert+.
When I say "x", I'm looking at around 1k to 3k points. And we could also make this Editor+ if Pokemaster wishes so.

This will help the quality of questions rise and points will be somewhat harder to get. Yay :D

Also, a quick point...

Make Experts handpicked by Mods. Not just the title, but the powers too. This discourages people to go tryhard for Expert. Let the mods have a little council about it with you and we can reform the Experts. -Ninja, 02/02/14

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I don't like the idea of raising the limit of points needed for approval to anything higher than 200. If Experts were handpicked, I wouldn't mind giving them approving capabilities. Those who hit 6000 still should be able to edit on Pokebase however to improve the quality of questions.
'Remember you don't even earn points if they aren't quality questions or answers'
Can I make a point, that I answered a question which was asking if this slowbro strategy was good or something like that. I got like 50 points off it. My answer was a sentence long.

So yeah. Plenty of people get it through bad quality questions and answers
l have been seeing this happen a lot for the past few months and even a year.
Just seeing silly answers with silly questions makes everything a silly mess.
People are too blinded at reaching the 6000 point goal that they forget the whole purpose of this site.
Koddles-dear, are you talking about the RMT?
If so, I don't know anything 'bout that. Sorry. x)
No. Pokebase question. Someone posted a moveset of Slowbro, asking if it was good. I said 'Yes, I don't see anything wrong with it'. Gets 50 points. :D!

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Really bad questions should be flagged and hidden as normal. Questions that abide by the rules, but aren't great quality, should either be edited to improve them.

The current approval process is 50% for spam prevention and 50% for new users. I don't think that sending dozens and dozens of posts for approval is going to improve anything. It will just make the people asking good questions more frustrated.

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