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Suggestion: Pictures on 'About you' section on user profile

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I don't know if this is a good suggestion, but I think this is a good idea on my behalf.
Why? Well...
Firstly, the profile pictures may express who that person is, but not enough. I mean, it would be nice to add afew more pictures of your other interests.
Maybe there could be a pictures section on the user profile.
Secondly, I think this will show others your own memes, or works of art, which is great.
Finally, I personally get bored of my profile picture and change it frequently. I think this is also what others are like.

I don't know if this will work, but its an idea.
Hope I could be of service!

asked Feb 3, 2014 by ↠♥kawaiian♡
This would probably end up with more run-off on profiles.
(sorry, don't know)
The pictures would go of the edge of your profile and onto the grey background.
This could lead to a lot of potential privacy issues as well as problems cropping up with stalking and online predators.
Yeah.. so people like me can put pics of porn on it

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This has been denied. It will not happen.

answered Feb 3, 2014 by Ninja
selected Feb 4, 2014 by ↠♥kawaiian♡
Got a link to it?
Pokemaster has said multiple times that Markdown is not going in profiles, I don't really want to dig for it.

"Profiles are meant to be a couple sentences anyways"
It can't hurt to show evidence behind the claim though, if for no other reason than to have people not have to take your word for it.
I'll get it in a bit.
I suggested this before but without much luck lol, the post is hidden though probably, can't seem to find it
Profiles are meant to be a couple sentences long anyway? Oooh. My profile is a LIIIITTTLE bit more than a couple of sentences. o.o xD
^ Mine goes a little farther than PM might have meant.