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I had an Idea for those who struggle to get points on pokebase. Which would be like the tutor and apprentice for showdown but instead someone helps someone get points by guiding them i:e Formating answers and things along that line

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I don't really see need of this to be honest. You earn points by answering questions and gain abilities once you get a certain amount of points. I see no need to want to gain points that much. We have a chat room for users of any points and three parts of the site which we may ask/answer questions on without points. It doesn't take much amount of points to upvote or flag, so I honestly don't really care about gaining tons of points. I think it'd be cool to get 15 points for every 100 comments and 30 points for every 20 answers (do we already have something like that?), but I really don't care...... XD this is way too long.
Honestly, as you spend longer on the site and answer more questions, it becomes easier to get points as a general rule. Some users may be able to get points really quickly from the get go, but there are generally only a few of those.
Points isn't really something to be proud of. It's overhyped, and in all seriousness doesn't mean much.
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I guess a guide that explains formatting and preferred formatting styles would be kind of nice. But I don't think this needs a whole tutor system.
The whole point of points is so people can show off and get ranked higher!
Points aren't for showing off, they're for proving you are a good user.
I think of points as a side effect of helping others o3o

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