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Include what items and their drop rate for each Pokemon on their PokeDex pages

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The title virtually explains it all. It's not completely necessary, but it gives the whole information feel to the pages and can be really helpful.

Also, when we click on an item on the item list, could we make it so that on the page it shows what Pokemon are holding that item in the wild?

If you need help (or are too busy to) find the information on items rates etc: we could easily find it for you, if that is what you would like.

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This is an awesome idea, however, someone will probably say go to bulbapedia :I
I know, but we aren't bulbapedia, so we shouldn't rely on them should we?
Pretty Bulba is right. Unless you want to figure it out all by yourself and see if they got anything wrong? Does anyone wanna dig through 6 generations of Pokemon to figure that out?
I will o.O

Plus again, we're not bu,ba, so we should have our own information

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