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New Pokemon Showdown Username Thread?

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I was wondering if it would be possible for one of the Moderators/Editors to start a new Pokémon Showdown username thread on the site?

The username thread that we have currently have is for both Pokémon Online and Pokémon Showdown with some users not specifying which username is for which site.

Also most usernames are old and may not be in use anymore. Furthermore anyone that has spoken to me on the DB Server knows I'm not very good at identifying certain users by their Pokémon Showdown name.

I think a new username thread would be a good idea since their are quite a few users that use the DB Server who have not already posted their Showdown usernames in the old thread.

What do you think? Would this be possible?

asked Feb 27, 2014 by Sir Dan
Why not make this the thread?
I'll convert it into the thread if I get approval from a Moderator or Editor, or they can post the new thread themselves whichever works best :P
Of course if people don't like the idea then there doesn't have to be a new thread. I just thought it would be helpful in identifying people, as most users have multiple accounts and to new people on the server your not really sure who's who.
Yeah I know Dan I can read o3o
Nah, this isn't needed.
I cleaned it up though,
Lmao Ninja did you just get rid of like 3 pages of usernames xD I'm sure the thread had about 6 pages when I went on it to get the link :P Well at least it's been properly organised thanks for clearing it up. If you had answered this I would of given you best answer because even though no other mod/editor answered or commented on this DT and Will also seemed to be against it.

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To be honest, that thread (and the Friend Code one) isn't very relevant now since all that stuff can go in your profile, it can all go in the FC field.

answered May 28, 2014 by Pokemaster
selected May 28, 2014 by Sir Dan
Fair enough :P