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I have 4 flags on my question - what does this mean?

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My question wasn't bad or inappropriate, I believe it was in the right place (I put it in the battle subway and I was asking for what my last 2 Pokemon on my team should be). What is a flag exactly anyway?

asked Mar 9, 2014 by PokePlayer985

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First off, no ingame teams. The RMT is for competitive teams only, such as this.

Flags are a way to say "hey staff, this question breaks the rules" on the staff page. If a question gets five flags, it is automatically hidden. You need a certain amount of points to flag.

answered Mar 10, 2014 by Ninja
Oh thanks. But how did you find my original question 0___o
I can see hidden things, since I am a Moderator.
Ninja is like a ghost buster who can see all questions that got decapitated for breaking the law. I have a good imagination. :3
I like how my team is the example :)