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Suggestion:Have a report button on wall posts.

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Like,if the wall post was disgusting,had sexual content,or was annoying or offensive,you could press the "report" button and it gets sent to editors,mods,or PM and they approve or reject it.If it was okay then the post is put back on the wall,but if it isn't, it is deleted from the wall and the person is warned not to do it.If it is reported twice,temporary ban.Too much times,permaban.

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Not sure this is as useful as it is on say Comments due to the fact that people can just delete the wall post without need to be Expert/Editor/Moderator/PM.
Yeah but what if they keep doing it? :P
Yeah. The owner of the wall can delete that shizzle :3
If they keep doing it then you post on the ban report page and they get banned.

Done, done and annihilated.
And the guy who owns the wall can temporarily set it as no one can post on the wall for a while until that happens. :3
you can also disallow posts on the wall, my wall doesn't really get many posts anyway, so i wouldn't really care :P
and another suggestion a while back suggested that we get the ability disallow a certain user from posting on our wall, I think that'd be a nice solution too. But you can only post 2 (or was it three?) posts on a wall every hour, so it's easy to delete.
now that i think about it.. masked torterra asked that question -.-

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As MrK said you can just delete the posts. If you keep getting offensive messages then make a meta post here to report them.

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