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Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, new information (Spoilers!)

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Like the BW2 / XY threads, this is just a place to post extra information that Pokemaster misses.

  • First check the basic pages that will be made shortly.
  • Like before, only add information that Pokemaster missed and it's been a few days. He is usually aware of most new information as it happens. Don't forget to check the X&Y page above as well as the news on the front page.

    • Since Pokemaster is seemingly inactive, immediate ones are currently ok.
  • Game stuff only, not anime (unless it relates to the games, e.g. new Pokemon appeared in the anime before it was revealed in the games).
  • Reliable sources only i.e. official sites like pokemon.com and pokemon.co.jp. Bulbapedia and Serebii are usually good also. No rumours! Please don't make any post without citing it as well. No youtube videos!
  • Maximum 2 images per answer and not huge ones.
  • Please keep the plot spoilers very low, thanks.

And of course, this page will contain SPOILERS so don't come here if you don't want to read them!

Hey you, actually READ the above before posting answers!

asked May 8 by Ninja
This is for stuff confirmed by the developers. I'll convert it to a comment though since it seems interesting.
6 upvotes and 9 answers.

What's wrong with me.
The bit where you've put "No youtube videos", you should put at the end of it "unless they're from an official Pokémon youtube account".
I wonder if there will be different sprites in OR/AS?
there sure will be awsome megas that is for sure....hopefully more than we got right now will be added.... i hope so

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The next batch of CoroCoro information has been posted to AnimeNewsNetwork and this batch showcases more information about the games. In this, it revealed Mega Metagross, which will be used by Steven. Steven Mega Evolves Metagross using the Mega Brooch and the scan references the fact that there are different Pokémon in Hoenn than before More details are to come .


answered Jul 10 by &Shining Yin
edited Jul 10 by ƒιzz
Like the confirmed Tough Claws?
^^^ ha! XD
Goddamit, when was it confirmed?
how do you get this info? this is your 5th  answer shone! o_o
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So PM is busy? Might as well put this here then...

Mega Lopunny and Mega Altaria have been confirmed by CoroCoro!

enter image description here enter image description here

Mega Lopunny becomes a Normal/Fighting type and gets Scrappy as an ability (unresisted!), and Mega Altaria gets Dragon/Fairy and Pixilate as it's ability.

We also have some new info on the new Pikachu dress-ups:

It also confirms that when you change your Pikachu's clothes for contests, it gets special moves. Pikachu Rock Star gets the move Meteor Mash, Pikachu Ph. D. knows Electric Terrain, Pikachu Pop Star knows Draining Kiss, Pikachu Belle knows Icicle Crash and Pikachu Libre knows Flying Press - Serebii

enter image description here

answered Aug 8 by ƒιzz
We also finally get to see Brendan/ Ruby's hair!!
Contests, Mega-Lopunny, now all the need is clothes!
hell yes dragon fairy type.
wait if mega lopunny gets scrappy, my precious mega banette will be killed D:
And Sableye is dead too (demonstrated in the picture.)
Gah! You beat me to the punch!

I Wanna blame your contry Time zone, but Suprise Suprise, I LIVE IN THE SAME COUNTRY AS YOU!
i say now we need mega flygon and mega dragonite
That Belle Pikachu might, just might, have it's uses. It gets a physical BoltBeam Combo (Icicle Crash and Volt Tackle) while also holding that Light Ball.
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The hype is real

Mega Sharpedo (Ability: Strong Jaw. All stat increased)

enter image description here

Mega Camerupt (Ability: Sheer Force. Speed decreased, all other stats increased)

enter image description here

Mega Gallade

enter image description here

Primal Kyogre has a new ability called Sea of Beginnings and Primal Groudon has a new ability called Land of Endings. They activate what is called Strong Rain and Strong Sunlight respectively. It is not known how different this is to normal


answered Sep 10 by Sempiternus
Mega Sharpedo will definitely be OU imo for the reason Ninja mentioned.
now all we need for the best gen 3 remake is mega Dragonite and mega flygon
I'm so sad that no one is talking about the most important mega; Mega-Wally.
Mega Wally is great!
You're right Scraf, I can relate.
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I'll update this post if I find anything new. More recent news is at the top of this post.

Mega Sableye confirmed

Its ability is confirmed to be Magic Bounce; it looks small, its gems have formed into one big one and have turned into a shield, outside of its body like a regular shield.

The Official Pokemon Channel's reveal
Marriland's post
Pimpnite's video

CoroCoro Leaks OmegaRuby & AlphaSapphire news

News includes:
- Mega Sceptile & Swampert
- Mega Diancie
- Origin Groudon and Kyogre, i.e. new mega evolutions
- new mega evolution accessory (bangle)
- new designs for Teams Magma and Aqua
- updated looks for Brendan and May
- updated look for Steven

Currently front page of Serebii
Marriland post
Images also in a tumblr post

answered Jun 7 by fondant
edited Sep 14 by fondant
And, in the background of the pictures are some in-game play scenes.
I wish Game Freak weren't so predictable. :/
Maybe they'll surprise us at E3.
I already added the info on Mega Sableye xP
Maybe they'll surprise us with a... Mega shedinja!
No. They won't.
Sorry I totally missed your Mega Sableye info. I was too into the hype and missed it. T__T
Mega Shedinja will probably have 2HP.
1HP with sturdy imo

Ultimate attack absorber. Just fricking hate sandstorm
6 votes

The Pokémon Company International has just uploaded a new trailer that features a brand new Mega Evolution, Mega Sableye has been revealed at the Nintendo's Kids Conference at E3 today in Los Angeles. It is said that Mega Sableye uses the jewel as a powerful defensive tool in battle. From behind the shelter of the jewel, it can readily exploit the opponent’s weaknesses and take advantage of any openings. It is said that the jewel hardens into such strength that no attack can even make a scratch!


answered Jun 11 by &Shining Yin
Also, there's some gameplay footage in that.
Yeah I added it x3
I know. I'm just saying that there is some alongside it :P
asom. this means it can balance mega-mawile to make them counter-parts once again
MMawile doesnt need balancing, MMawile is the essence of perfection.
Well I think mega shedinja is a good idea.
I wish mega arceus is in the game
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Honestly it's not the most exciting information but:

Resigned of Brawly


New Pokédex for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphie - Based on the Gameboy Advance!

New Pokédex

There is also a piece labelled "Madame Pikachu" which seems to be related to Pokémon Contests. (The first link below is an image of "Madame Pikachu" and "Hard Rock Pikachu" and the second link is an image is of "Idol Pikachu", "Doctor Pikachu" and "Masked Pikachu".)

"Madame Pikachu" and "Hard Rock Pikachu"
"Idol Pikachu", "Doctor Pikachu" and "Masked Pikachu"

Pokémon-Amie is also set to return in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.


Redesign of Gym Leaders Brawly, Watson, Norman, Roxanne and Flannery

Redesign of Champion Steven and Elite 4 Members Sidney and Phoebe


answered Jul 11 by Sir Dan
edited Jul 11 by Sir Dan
And super training also, I hope.
Doctor Pikachu is cute :]
Lmao xD
I seriously did not use super training except to reset EVs, and now that I have the EV reducing berries I don't even bother.
WHOO! Contests Confirmed!!!
Wait what?
Brawly resigned?
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enter image description here
* nyoom *

This thing is not needed, and it has Aerilate...

answered Aug 8 by Ninja
edited Aug 31 by fondant
This thing will be banned so damn quickly. It can come in, revenge kill something, grab a Moxie boost, then Mega Evolve and proceed to sweep with Return. And judging by its design, this thing will be fast, so revenge killing it will be incredibly difficult.
Ice shard from a swords dance weavile could hurt
Oh ffs, it's cool that Salamence has a Mega but why on earth have they messed up it's design. I like it's Ability but why is it so ugly looking? Wtf no arms, little stubby legs and instead of a pair of wings, half a hover disk?! There's no doubt that Mega Salamence will be used more than Salamence and will be more powerful, but they've messed up it's design imo just like they have with Mewtwo, Heracross and Garchomp.
I like Heracross' mega.

Also, STAB Return will be deadly.
It has arms they're just tucked in.
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Confirmed event. Shiny beldum holding the stone giving you this baby.

enter image description here

answered Aug 8 by Ninja
Now that is awesome!
Noooooooo ;-;
I went through all the trouble of getting Shiny Metagross for Gamefrak to turn the tides on me ;-;
Is that a WiFi event? I didn't know they did shiny WiFi events.
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Mega Rayquaza

enter image description here

Oh come on, you saw it coming.

Notable changes:

  • New move Dragon Ascent
  • New ability, Delta Stream which "Protects Flying types"
  • Delta Stream seems to make abilities that cause weather obsolete (Source)
answered Oct 2 by Sciz
edited 6 days ago by Fated Fathom ♠
According to Smogon's facebook post "Protect Flying Types" means that all flying weaknesses are neutralized.

"Edit: Apparently Delta Stream summons the new "Strong Winds" weather. The weather lasts while Rayquaza in battle and neutralises weaknesses on Flying-types. In addition, Dragon Ascent is said to be the "most powerful Flying-type move"."

That's from their facebook page.
Called Dragon Ascent

Most powerful flying type move

Maybe it'll be like Flying Press, having a Dragon dual type?
delta stream changes all super effective types against flying neutral
Does this thing look somewhat like mega gyrados? idk but itd head looks somewhat similar
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CoroCoro isn't done just yet!

The next batch of CoroCoro information has been posted to Japanese forums and this batch showcases more information about the upcoming game Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. This image furthers yesterdays and showcases more about Pokémon Contests. It shows the in-game images of the Contest Hall, details how Feebas's evolution is based on contests, and confirms that you can Mega Evolve during the contests, which boosts the Excite Meter & Appeal in the Contests, but can only be done when the Excite Meter is full. Serebii

Really happy to see all the love Game Freak are giving to Contests :D

answered Aug 9 by ƒιzz
I didn't "dislike" contests, but they got real boring after about 3 goes. I'm not too bothered/excited about this tbh.
This might actually be a good idea, sometimes having another game in the game ensures that you won't be bored nearly as quickly by the game
5 votes

Mega Slowbro and Mega Audino accidentally leaked!

enter image description here

Mega Audino is Normal/Fairy type and has the ability Healer. Mega Slowbro stays Water/Psychic type and has the ability Shell Armour.

The news on Serebii's news page

Some screen shots at the bottom of the OR/AS pictures page

answered Aug 12 by The Noby
edited Sep 10 by Sciz
Why did they have to be so lazy with Slowbro ;-;
I don't get what you mean by lazy.
Earlier it was a Shellder on a Slowpoke
Now it's a Slowpoke in a Shellder
srsly xD
Yeah, they probably could've been a bit more creative.
This is already on the news page.
Oh I didn't see that. Should I hide it?
Mega Audino is a Town of Salem character! http://i.imgur.com/wrICmkW.png
Also, Mega Slowbro but not Mega Slowking?
I was originally upset about Audino not being changed to Fiary in gen 6, BUT NOW IT WILL BE!!
Also, perhaps there will be a mega stone for slowpoke in both games, like charizard and mewtwo.
No crap that slowbro gets shell armor, and what about slowking? I think it will get a mega too
If so, what will that look like...?
Mega Slowbro is being consumed by the Shellder.
The stone doesn't Mega evolve the slowpoke, it evolves the Shellder, don't you agree?
When a shellder goes onto a slowbro, it is called shellbro. So really it should be called the shellbronite.
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This isn't the most important news, but....

Horde battles aren't restricted to wild Pokémon.

enter image description here

It seems that the villains have actually gotten smarter, and finally started ganging up on players.

'Horde battles' appear not only as wild battles, but can be trainer battles as well!

-Translated from the official Pokémon site.

Pokemaster seems to be fairly active, but I thought I would post this anyway because it doesn't seem to be on the US site.

answered Aug 31 by ~Crimson~
Good lord
Quick, take cover! The idiots have grown smart!
Imagine a horde battle against all the Champions, that would actually be challenging. O_O
They're only as smart as the wild pokemon, we'll only be in trouble when they try to take us on 50 to 1
Thats the whole thing, originally wild pokemon are much smarter than these fools xD
Wut :o... that's awesome! :D
They'll probably still be underlevelled as hell and Team Magma would die to any Surf. . _.
OR the first thing I'll do is get Surf, AS the first thing I'll do is get Discharge. #gg
^^ I read that as 'Or the first thing I'll do is get Surf as the first thing I'll do is get Discharge.'
Then I realised you were talking about the actual games.  xD
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Swampert-M Stats: 100/150/110/95/110/70 Type: Water/Ground Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
Sceptile-M Stats: 70/110/75/145/85/145 Type: Grass/Dragon Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
Sableye-M Stats: 50/85/125/85/115/20 Type: Dark/Ghost Catchrate: 45 Stage: 2
Altaria-M Stats: 75/110/110/110/105/80 Type: Dragon/Fairy Catchrate: 45 Stage: 2
Gallade-M Stats: 68/165/95/65/115/110 Type: Psychic/Fighting Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
Audino-M Stats: 103/60/126/80/126/50 Type: Normal/Fairy Catchrate: 255 Stage: 2
Sharpedo-M Stats: 70/140/70/110/65/105 Type: Water/Dark Catchrate: 60 Stage: 2
Slowbro-M Stats: 95/75/180/130/80/30 Type: Water/Psychic Catchrate: 75 Stage: 2
Steelix-M Stats: 75/125/230/55/95/30 Type: Steel/Ground Catchrate: 25 Stage: 2
Pidgeot-M Stats: 83/80/80/135/80/121 Type: Normal/Flying Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
Glalie-M Stats: 80/120/80/120/80/100 Type: Ice/Ice Catchrate: 75 Stage: 2
Diancie-M Stats: 50/160/110/160/110/110 Type: Rock/Fairy Catchrate: 3 Stage: 3
Metagross-M Stats: 80/145/150/105/110/110 Type: Steel/Psychic Catchrate: 3 Stage: 3
Kyogre-P Stats: 100/150/90/180/160/90 Type: Water/Water Catchrate: 3 Stage: 3
Groudon-P Stats: 100/180/160/150/90/90 Type: Ground/Fire Catchrate: 3 Stage: 3
Rayquaza-M Stats: 105/180/100/180/100/115 Type: Dragon/Flying Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
Hoopa-”M” Stats: 80/160/60/170/130/80 Type: Psychic/Dark Catchrate: 3 Stage: 3
Camerupt-M Stats: 70/120/100/145/105/20 Type: Fire/Ground Catchrate: 150 Stage: 2
Lopunny-M Stats: 65/136/94/54/96/135 Type: Normal/Fighting Catchrate: 60 Stage: 2
Salamence-M Stats: 95/145/130/120/90/120 Type: Dragon/Flying Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3
Beedrill-M Stats: 65/150/40/15/80/145 Type: Bug/Poison Catchrate: 45 Stage: 3

While not confirmed yet, this info was extracted from the demos by the same people who encrypted the info of XY of Mega Latitwin etc. All I want to to say is Beedrill is broken as ****. More info including the mystery of Hoopa and the new Primal moves and Mega Rayquaza's new move in this link: http://pokebeach.com/2014/10/mega-hoopa-uncovered-in-oras-demo-stats-for-mega-evolutions

answered 5 days ago by &Shining Yin
Well, its apparently confirmed that Salamence-M is ricidulously OP....  det speed prob push up to ubers, where there's counters-ish in Deoxys-S and Deoxys-A...
Beedrill makes a comeback
Beedrill is a monster.
One more thing!

Precipice Blades has more BP than Origin Pulse...
3 votes

Further details have been revealed about the Pokémon, Mega Sableye. It is confirmed that Mega Sableye retains its Dark/Ghost-type, but rather than keep any of the abilities, it gets the ability Magic Bounce. It has increased Defense and Special Attack stats, but decreased Speed. During battle, Mega Sableye shelters itself behind the jewel, from where it can take advantage of any openings its target leaves exposed.

Guess Mega Sableye is gonna be worse than the original.

answered Jun 20 by &Shining Yin
Noooo there goes my poor prankster ;~;
Yeah this does sound pretty bad. Sableye gets Nasty Plot though, which could be kinda interesting.
3 votes

The Secret Is Out on Super-Secret Bases!
Create and hang out in your own Super-Secret Base in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire!

Super-Secret Bases are an awesome new way to express your creativity and join up with friends in the upcoming Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games. Create a Secret Base that’s all your own, including selecting and placing Decorations however you like. You can use Decorations to create tricks in your Secret Base, decide the rules for what kind of Pokémon battles are allowed there, and make it like your very own Pokémon Gym! Then get ready for other players to come and challenge you!

Pokemon.com confirmed super secret bases
Youtube vid with screenshots and other minor information

There are some rumors going around that there will be a Mega Flygon. Aurune, the super secret base expert, has a Flygon and a Flygon only. In the screenshots of him, there were no keystones on his sprite, but Korinna didn't have a keystone in sight either, but she revealed it after you beat her gym.

Oh, and WTF is the-

and make it like your very own Pokemon Gym!

answered Jul 9 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
edited Jul 9 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
3 votes

The next batch of CoroCoro information has been posted to Japanese forums and this batch showcases more information about the upcoming game Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. In this latest image, it shows Mega Diancie and reveals to us its ability. Mega Diancie has got the ability Magic Bounce. It also confirms that next month's issue, due for release on August 12th, will have what they're calling a "Mega Evolution Scoop". We'll bring more when it comes.

More Megas August 12th? Or just info on the current ones? We'll see.

answered Jul 12 by &Shining Yin
It seems that every mega has magic bounce...
So that's now three Mega's that have Magic Bounce; Mega Absol, Mega Sableye and Mega Diancie?! Wtf Game Freak.
They should have gave Mega Diancie Solid Rock instead...
Yeah it would of been better than Magic Bounce :/
Either Solid Rock or Levitate imo.
Would HAVE. (And yeah it would have been better.)
Mega Sableye will almost never be used... Prankster Sableye is miles better...
3 votes

enter image description here


Featuring Team Aqua / Magma, the megas, gym leaders, and primials.

A new trailer has come out for Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire has been revealed and showcases various aspects of the game including diving and more. There also appeared to be a feature where you can see parts of a Pokémon in the wild, such as Pikachu's tail, and approach it to appear in battle
In addition to this, it features details on the Japanese pre-order details. Pre-orders in Japan open on September 20th and all who pre-order will receive special figures of Primal Groudon & Primal Kyogre, different to the ones Europe is receiving. If you pre-order a special double pack of the games (comes with both games and both figures) for 9,142¥, you will also receive 100 Potions through 2 Serial Codes, one for each game. If you download the digital version of the game between November 21st 2014 and November 30th 2014, you will receive 12 Quick Balls. We also got dating for the shiny Beldum event. It will run from November 21st 2014 until January 14th 2015
Edit @ 05:06: It is also confirmed, through images of the Download Card, that Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire will require approximately 1.8GB in order to download to your Nintendo 3DS. This is a further 100MB more than Pokémon X & Y
Edit @ 07:05: In addition to the above pre-order bonuses, if you pre-order two copies at Pokémon Centers in Japan, you will also receive a special Hoenn Artbook, and if you pre-order just one, you get the aforementioned figures as well as a shiny metallic poster of the box-art


answered Sep 4 by Ninja
3 votes

OR/AS will have demo versions!

CoroCoro confirmed this yesterday, but now that there are more details available I thought I'd post this.

The first images for this month have started to appear. In this image, from the magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday, it confirms that, in next month's issue of CoroCoro, due out on October 15th, a special serial code will be given. This Serial Code offers you a trial version of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire which appears to have you pick between Grovyle, Combusken & Marshtomp and ends with the obtaining of a Mega Evolution. - Serebii

Sounds cool! It gets even better: CoroCoro leaks continued today with more details on the demo.

You will see a Mega Evolution for the first time in this demo, and you can then transfer it, as well as items you collect, over to the main games when they are released. It is also hinted that, if you play the demo every day, something special will happen - Serebii

Also a few other things not mentioned already from today and yesterday's leaks:

  • Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon get new moves, Origin Wave and Cliff's Blade respectively. These are assumed to be the mystery moves we saw in one of the trailers.
  • Rayquaza apparently holds some secret to Mega Evolution.
  • Mega Gallade remains Psychic/Fighting, and has Inner Focus as an ability.

This month's CoroCoro may not be done just yet, so stay tuned to Serebii's news page since they'll update first most of the time.

answered Sep 11 by ƒιzz
Gallade is going to suck after all. Great.
So maybe that means you can catch Rayquaza in this? Maybe obtaining Rayquaza is the 'special thing that will happen'...?
2 votes

Edit @ 15:15: More details on Mega Evolutions. Mega Diancie receives a big boost to its Speed, as well as boosts to its Attack and Sp. Atk, while experiencing a reduction in its Defense and Sp. Def. Mega Metagross also has a greatly increased Speed stat, with additional increases in its Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, and Sp. Def, making Mega Metagross primed for both offense and defense.
Edit @ 15:30: Following amiguity with the Canadian release date last month, where it was listed solely as November, we now have confirmation that the games will arrive in Canada on November 21st

Mega Metagross is gonna be such a badass now, defs OU with a Speed and SAtk boost... Mega Diancie looks like a waste imo..

Footage of Mega Metagross and the new updates on the Gyms and Leaders!

answered Jul 14 by &Shining Yin
Ah damn I was just answering with this lol :3
rip fairy types
Megagross is gonna be so awesome. It might even experience time in Ubers!
2 votes

An official advert has been released demonstrating mega Salamence, Lopunny and Altaria, as well as the new contest Pikachu outfits, and also mega-evolving in contests.


+ confirmation on the shiny Beldum event!

answered Aug 11 by The Noby
edited Aug 11 by The Noby
Just Mega Salamence, or Lopunny and Altaria are also getting megas?
All three are.