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Add moderation to the other sections.

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We need this.

No repeat suggestions.

No rule breaking teams.

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ffs you're less than 200 off. Don't complain just get to it P:
You realize expert powers don't solve anything?
I do realize that, but I thought I could edit some questions or answers...
Then you must earn it ;)

Experts have no access to moderation. They just have the ability to edit questions and answers. It's funny because most people work so hard to get these privileges, but then rarely use them if at all. I guess people just don't have the time to edit questions knowing they won't be answered nor given any thanks for doing so. That's why I stopped editing questions on the RMT. Complete waste of my time :(
I am not really sure what you are asking. The moderators on Pokebase are moderators on RMT. Are you saying none of them go to RMT?

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