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Can someone help me clearing up with what should be flagged and what should not?

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question 1: Ok, so lets take this question as an example. the BA is incorrect now, but should it be flagged? its a really old question...
question 2: I have heard some people say an answer should be flagged if its against the rules while someone says if the answer is incorrect. what is right?

asked May 14, 2014 by Dr Dude
retagged May 14, 2014

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So, the real thing is:

For questions:

  • Flag it if the question is against the rules.
  • Vote it down if the question is bad in another way, for example terrible spelling, impossible to understand etc.
    For answers:

  • Flag it if the answer is inappropriate in some way or breaks the rules (e.g. it's not an actual answer and should be a comment).

  • Vote down if the answer is incorrect. (Side note: on the RMT section only vote down answers if they're really bad, because some answers may not be great but still not technically wrong.)

For comments:

  • They should be flagged if they are rude or insulting for no reason. For example if an answer is bad you might downvote it and post a polite comment saying that it's wrong. But saying "you're dumb" or stuff like that is not welcome here and should be flagged.
  • Also comments should be reasonably on-topic relating to the question or answer. A random comment like "hey what's your favourite Pokemon" should be taken to the chat.
answered May 14, 2014 by Ninja
selected May 15, 2014 by Dr Dude
I heard the word polite, that's my queue
Ok, so an answer should only be flagged if it break the rules and not if its incorrect. thanks