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Suggestion: have the tiers of the Pokemon listed on the pokemons pokedex page?

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Eh... That isnt official though, and this isn't smogon. The tiers also change all the time, so it would be too much work for PM

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This is Pokemasters response the last time this was asked:

This has been answered before. The Pokedex pages and the rest of the main site is for factual content. Whereas tiers are someone's opinion. Adding them wouldn't be a big deal but Smogon's tiers change regularly so keeping up to date is a pain.

You can just go to Smogon in one tab and look at the tiers, e.g.
http://www.smogon.com/bw/tiers/ou then checkout each Pokemon on our
Pokedex in another tab.

Or check this page: http://www.smogon.com/bw/pokemon/ which lists
every Pokemon with their tier. Nothing difficult about that whatsoever

> Probably won't add this.
> 1.Tiers are nothing official so anyone can disagree if they want.
> 2.The ones that come closest to official in the competitive community are on smogon.com, so if anyone wants to know they can just go there
> to see them.

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