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Error on String Shot and Whirlwind move pages.

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Hey, just a couple of errors on the aforementioned pages.

String Shot was changed in X and Y to lower Speed by 2 stages, not 1 like it was in the previous generations

Whirlwind is not stopped by Soundproof. I think this is just a copy and paste error from Roar.

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For some reason, I never noticed that String Shot now lowered Speed by two stages lol
well, let's face it - who actually uses String Shot anyway?
people who use caterpie
No seriously it's been a while since I ever saw someone use Caterpie/Weedle in their right mind at all. I'm curious how you did o.o
I mean people who are just starting out.
The reason that they made string shot lower by two stages is because bug type pokemon were starting to become very weak pokemon at the beginning of the game, so in order to change that, they made modifications to some of the bug type moves. Like, before, Fury Cutter used to do 10 damage and increase towards 160, but now it increases to 160 by increasing with a base power of 40. Here's a link if you wanted to check it out: http://pokemondb.net/move/fury-cutter

As for the Whirlwind, you're either right about the roar copy-paste error, or the company decided that it's not really a move that is related to sound.
he does not want an explanation for why they nerfed

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Thanks, I have fixed both the moves.

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