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Suggestion: Adding Pokemon

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Hey PM! I think it would be cool if we could see pages of all the official hacked pokemon you can use on Pokemon Showdown, with all the movesets etc.

For example: Revenankh

Thank You!

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This most likely will not happen. Some of the reasons include:

  • They are fan-made, unofficial Pokemon and are not in any way linked to Game Freak or Nintendo. This site seems to focus more on fact and not fiction like those Pokemon.
  • Some players who have less experience with the games might think they are real Pokemon, which would lead to some confusion. This has happened before, even without dex pages too.
  • This site is geared more toward in-game and not competitive (at least in the main site's case it is, in the PokeBase not so much).
  • Smogon creates more of them regularly, making them too hard to keep up with. PM has enough work, especially with OR/AS on the horizon, so it's best to keep things of lesser importance like this off the to-do list.
  • Smogon, the site that created them, already has good pages on them, so I don't see why we'd need our own.
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Well all pokemon are fiction anyway :P
That's true, though they exist within the official games while the fan made ones don't. :3
I think the last point is the biggest. Why would people search on this website for a Pokemon created by Smogon. Sure it may get the odd view but its certainly not worth Pokemaster's time to make these pages. The CAP metagame is tiny anyway. Not many people play it.
This is exactly the correct response!