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Suggestion: Add a timezone section to profiles.

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asked Jun 28, 2014 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
This could  actually be quite useful.
It will be most likely, but the country option is also there, it mostly tells the timezone without being asked (unless some big country like Russia which has multiple timezones)
Well, no one really knows all the timezones off by heart so that's why I thought a timezone section could be implemented as well. I took that into account as well.
I like this! +1
I always google after reading the country to find out the timezone; really almost nobody is expected to memorize all the timezones lol
You can just put your timezone in the "Country" section.
e.g, mine would be :"Israel (GMT+2)"
A whole new section just for timezones is unnecessary, maybe change the name from "Country" to "Country and timezone"?
Actually, terlor has a point, it might save people google searching. +1 :P

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