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Suggestion: Don't let anyone post a question or answer until they've read the rules page at least once

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On both RMT and Pokebase. Not on Meta though. Not everyone will still then read the rules, but it gives us an excuse to do whatever we ten want, and others will actually read them when they wouldn't have before.

asked Jun 28 by ReadyAimFire
edited Jun 28 by Le Scraf
I got it.
For users that dont have more than 60 points or are less than 1 month old, there will be a message (similar to the ORAS message) on the "ask a question" and "your answer" pages  that says "please read the rules before posting" and has a hyperlink to the "question etiquette" thread and rules.

Kijani. I thought you were good at reading. How come you've not seen something I've said twice now? xD

"It's not to force people to read the rules, it's too make sure people know they exist, and for people who don't wish to cause trouble but get started on the site, it let's them know how to behave"
And what is the point of expending a large amount of energy making sure people know the rules exist when said people are unlikely to even open the rules and read them?
The idea is good in theory, but just because people know they exist doesn't mean they'll read them and as DT said we do have a large base of more site experienced users who can point them out in those relatively few cases needed.

Force them with puppies.
It's not a lot of effort. In terms of pure coding at Pm's level, 5 mins maybe? If i can create a code for it at GCSE level, Pm probably could. It's just to make people more aware. EXP users are fewer, but userbase is growing. Not everyone has as much faith in the user base as you do Kija. I'm just trying to make sure people know what they're doing before they do it, rather than pester someone who do it wrong before being told what they did
What DT said. It's their problem if they didn't read the rules, not ours. And it's not like it'll help much either, people would just go into the rules, back out of them and go back to what they were trying to do.

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I'm not going to do this. No one wants to spend 20 minutes learning a bunch of stuff just to ask one question. There are really only 3 basic rules:
No poll questions.
Questions should go in the appropriate section - i.e. team questions should be on BS, site questions on Meta.
Team questions should have all Pokemon, moves, EVs and other details.
Everything should be common sense, like posting in proper English, or that clicking a button saying "post an answer" is only for posting answers to the question.

Also this basically makes the rules pages a terms of service. Find the "I agree" button and then move on.

Just go read Kijanii's comments.

tl;dr Pokemaster won't do this.

answered Jun 28 by Ninja
selected Jun 28 by ReadyAimFire