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Where do I post questions about my ou team?

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So I have posted 3 questions on RMT asking for advice about my OU tier team, and two of them ended up becoming hidden. My understanding of the rules is that I can post questions about an OU team on RMT, whether it's a rate my team question or a question regarding what pokemon I need to complete my team. All three of them were the latter. I need clarification on where I can post these types of questions.

Oh, and if this question is against the rules of this site, Please tell me before you flag it.

Thank you.

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It was probably hidden because it does not have this format:
Pokemon @ Item
- Move
- Move
- Move
- Move

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I only found one team created by you in the RMT hidden post list, are you sure you made three? The one I found can be seen here. I checked the PokeBase section and found nothing, so unless you posted the other two over a week ago, you only posted one.

Anyway, the reason it was flagged and then hidden was because it lacked EVs. You are more than welcome to post OU teams on the RMT section, you're correct there, but they need the EVs. Also, you only had 3 Pokemon. It's okay if you have one or two Pokemon missing, but having three means that we're building half of your team, which means it's more like "create my team" than "rate my team". It's probably better to include a Pokemon that you think would be useful, and then state you're unsure about it.

If you have any questions about this, leave a comment. I'll help you out in any way I can :)

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Well, I posted the other two over a month ago...
And that helps me a lot. Thank you.