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Please do something about these forever unanswered questions. I'm sick of them.

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Okay, I give up, I'm truly sick of them.

A question just came in saying 'How many people are in the Pokemon games?', as in NPCs. I, in all honesty, can tell you this now. No one is going to go that ridiculous amount of trouble to answer your question for the sake of curiosity, nobody cares and nobody will care. And it's not just that question.

Okay, I admit there are some exceptions to these forever unanswered questions, for example CWegz' question and possibly Dan's question, but most of the time these stupid forever unanswered questions are just users who are there for the points, and in a way probably don't care at all.

Seriously though, everyone here is sick of them. All they are is just another way to get worthless points. Anyone can make up a stupid question like 'How many tiles are you able to step on in every single Pokemon game?' and I could get points galore because it will remain on that damn unanswered list for years to come.

That unanswered list hasn't been empty since October 2013, over ten months ago. It has been filled up with rubbish questions that no one has ever, or will ever, care about.

Mods, editors, Pokemaster. Do this site a favour.
Ban these forever unanswered questions.

asked Aug 9, 2014 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
edited Aug 9, 2014 by Sir Terlor
I can give you reasons why some people actually need to know 'How many tiles are you able to step on in every single Pokemon game?' though lol

People can make all kinds of calculations and find out the entire overworld design scale of the game, just by knowing that info lol

Dunno just had to say that xD
I understand what you're saying but come on... "and possibly Dan's question", my question wasn't as bad as those other questions that you linked above that yeah sure it's interesting to know the answer to but you're right nobody cares about. Anyway my question has been answered by Scraf and it's actually been very helpful to me and my Berry Field's, but it was only up for less than a week before Scraf decided to answer it WITH HIS LOVE AND CARE AND FIFTY-EIGHT TESTS
You can't really stop these kinds of questions form coming in. Just flag them or something if you find them annoying.
you can't flag them if they are not against the rules
Which is why indigo is trying to make a rule to ban these kind of questions
A question just came in saying 'How many people are in the Pokemon games?', as in NPCs. I, in all honesty, can tell you this now.

Can I make a quick point?
Bulbapedia lists the amount of NPCs in each city, All you need is a calculator and 2/3 minutes, and you have the answer right there. So your example is invalid.

Alot of the questions aren't that difficult to answer. People just don't know where to look, and because of that they immediately have a similar reaction to yours, or they think "omg amazing" and upvote it. One of the two. The egg move one for example,wasn't too bad when both Aeternis and I jumped onto Bulbapedia, and we both just used logic to deduce the most likely scenarios where there would be an Egg Move, which reduced the workload immensely.

You want to ban the questions which take effort and time to answer.
So would you rather DB be filled of bs questions like "How do I get an everstone in Pokemon X/Y???" or "What does adaptability do????". The point of Q/A is to help others. If they want to know it, so what?. If they're obvious point grubbers, do something else, but don't ban questions which affects those which legitimately want to know as well. And people do go to the trouble of putting in effort to answering it in the end, most of the time at least. Perhaps set a limit to how long a question can go unanswered, but don't ban it outright.

I for one, find the occasional annoying, more difficult question better than the rest of the questions on DB.
Dan, I shouldnt have said possibly. Your question is fine. xD
And do they seriously have number of NPCs on Bulbapedia? I had no idea.
And what sort if logic did you apply? No offense given, but you've made me curious...
Logic is logic. If you can't really understand it, it's difficult to explain
Perhaps I just looked through all the movesets, and only checked the ones which seemed unlikely to be via TM or learnt by the Pokemon. Or maybe I looked through everything for one of the gens, the I went to the main place where most of them came frm (PWT)

And yes, Bulbpedia does. I've seen it a few times.
Indigo does have a point Semp but I feel she didn't use the best examples, as I felt the question you and Aeternis answered was fine and the references to other regions question was also fine. But Ayan's question and the question about Lumious City dialogue changes are too tedious imo, no one's going to go through and make a note of all the dialogue changes, unless they have a lot of time and effort on their hands. The only way questions like these are ever going to getting answered is if the answer is on some website. A question has just recently appeared basically asking if the Al in Pokémon X and Y has improved when compared to the previous Pokémon games. I'm not sure how he expects us to answer that without an official source.
I agree with Sempi on this.
Also, @Toxicroak, if these questions aren't against the rules and you shouldn't flag them, banning them wouldn't be any different.
That last comment made me sound like I'm 100% on Indigo's side for banning questions... well I'm not I'm actually somewhere in the middle and agree to an extent with what Semp said, I just feel Indigo has a point with what she's saying especially on some questions.
Maybe after a year questions should be deleted if they have no answer
This question just defeats the purpose of the site. Just saying.
^^^^^^ (This is NOT A DUPLICATE)
I showed my support and pledged my allegiance to Ninja's compromise:

^ [filler]
I'm sorry I felt I should add to the wonderful collection have Shift+6 characters already on this comment section.
It's just most people ask these questions for the sake of point grubbing, Mike.
>nobody cares
>i care
Third most viewed question on Meta. Nice.

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I agree with most of the comments, but I don't think these questions actually help people. So I have a compromise.

People who ask these questions must state what the purpose of the question is. It could be for a formula, prediction, etc. I see no reason for these to exist other than points unless they actually help the asker.

answered Aug 9, 2014 by Ninja
selected Aug 9, 2014 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
^ Can't agree more here
I can't see a reason for dialogue changes though, besides point grubbing.
Curiosity maybe?
Definitely agree with this.
Some people are just generally interested in little details or whatever, they want to know things and/or are just curious, it might not be necessarily to help them. But I do agree w/you generally.
I've been thinking over its uses, and I came up with a farfetched one. It can help in finding out whether your copy of the game is real or not.

If an Espurr starts exhaling words all of a sudden, you know you want your money back. Way too farfetched though
If my Espurr started being all creepy I would definitely want to keep the game. :P
Thank You Ninja!