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Mass outbreak question.

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On the Pokedex here, it doesn't say if a Pokemon is in a mass outbreak or not. Example-For BELDUM, it says Route 208. It appears there, but only with an outbreak. I got confused a while ago, my Poke Radar wouldn't work for it, it was just recently when I realized BELDUM was only in mass outbreaks. Can you fix it?

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It does say "Swarm", Which is the same thing as what you call "mass outbreak".
Oh, I didn't realize it, I haven't been on in a few months. (:-)

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Hex is right, when you click through to the actual route, it tells you how to find the Pokemon - in a swarm. You're right though, I could make it clearer on the Pokedex page itself. That section is something I need to work on a bit more.

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