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Ban Report - Do your part to help the site.

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Here is a place to report any serious wrongdoings- such as rule breaking- so that that person can be reviewed by the mods for a ban or warning. Please report people by explaining what they did; reporting a person with no evidence isn't going to get you anywhere. Only report people for doing the more serious things, such as using duplicate accounts, swearing, constant inappropriate image adding, that kind of thing. If someone is committing an offense that isn't as serious, such as mild spamming, just comment. If you are not reporting someone, don't comment on this page at all.

Remember, no joke reports and try to keep your posts civil.

Try to include chat logs (if needed) of the offenses when possible, although try to put them in a link rather then an image as images make the page run slow, eventually forcing us to delete past reports to stop the lag. We try to not delete the hidden posts of the ban report so that we have a database of offenses that we can refer to if somebody comes up on the ban report again, so having pictures and long chat logs can cause some eventual problems.

Be sure to add profile links. It does us moderators no good if profile links are not added as we do not enjoy digging through 20 point user pages to find one.

Useful links:

asked Dec 17, 2011 by trachy
edited Jan 18 by Ninja
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2 Answers

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Being very sexual in chat.
Even asked me if I'm virgin, says he's masturbating wide open in the chat room.

a minute ago :P
a minute ago I am logging out and never log in again in my life time
a minute ago Well I think you should keep those sorrows to yourself for the moment
2 minutes ago I am too sorry.you all don't know the sorrow of a virgin
It's a secret!
2 minutes ago I'm 12
2 minutes ago Hmmm
2 minutes ago lol
Antwon Fed-Ex
3 minutes ago ew
4 minutes ago what kinda question is that
4 minutes ago wtf dude
5 minutes ago it' a secret are you a virgin

There's more!

8 minutes ago I am currently masturbating
It's a secret!
8 minutes ago no game chat
8 minutes ago lol
It's a secret!
8 minutes ago *minute
It's a secret!
9 minutes ago I can do like 50-60 words per minutye
9 minutes ago when i type really fast i do 20 words per minute
9 minutes ago I need to have a blowjo
9 minutes ago ok
It's a secret!
10 minutes ago totally really slow xD

10 minutes later:

a minute ago I am too sorry for my brother sanjay-deoxys who is 17

answered 3 days ago by It's a secret!
edited 3 days ago by It's a secret!
Big time gap in the middle sorry
I have screenshots and witnesses If you wish for more proof
Yeah, this stuff happened. Idk if ban-worthy tho, but that's not my job C:
Yea just a warning I guess, he's probably gonna get a warning since hes somewhat new. But still this isn't my choice.
and have you seen his profile? He says he's interrested in reading "se* stories"....... also i witnessed this in chat history
It's Christmas, so I'm thinking of promoting him to expert instead of banning him. Good idea y/n?
LOL trachy that was to funny.
y definitely trachy
2 votes

Yo-yo needs a perm

He's no value to the chat or the site. He seems to have a ban wish and I could give you millions of screenshots to prove so.

answered 4 days ago by Sciz
It's also worth mentioning spamming swears in caps and censor avoiding.
You deserve a perm by using lightshot imo

But yeah, I agree.
What's wrong with Lightshot :v?
Wait so Lightshot is banned?
Lightshot < Imgur
Lightshot uses Imgur, it's just quicker.