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Here is a place to report any serious wrongdoings- such as rule breaking- so that that person can be reviewed by the mods for a ban or warning. Please report people by explaining what they did; reporting a person with no evidence isn't going to get you anywhere. Only report people for doing the more serious things, such as using duplicate accounts, swearing, constant inappropriate image adding, that kind of thing. If someone is committing an offense that isn't as serious, such as mild spamming, just comment. If you are not reporting someone, don't comment on this page at all.

Remember, no joke reports and try to keep your posts civil.

Try to include chat logs (if needed) of the offenses when possible, although try to put them in a link rather then an image as images make the page run slow, eventually forcing us to delete past reports to stop the lag. We try to not delete the hidden posts of the ban report so that we have a database of offenses that we can refer to if somebody comes up on the ban report again, so having pictures and long chat logs can cause some eventual problems.

Be sure to add profile links. It does us moderators no good if profile links are not added as we do not enjoy digging through 20 point user pages to find one.

Useful links:

asked Dec 17, 2011 by trachy
edited Jan 18 by Ninja
I'm not actually sure if this is against the rules or not (I'd say it is o_o) but I just found this was strange and I thought to be safe rather than sorry.
Yeah. Enjoy.
I was about to comment on this but you beat me to it >_> It's still there in the chat.
omg not shrek is love shrek is life .-.
Shrek is love, Shrek is life must be the stupidest fad I've seen in a long time. It's not funny at all from a traditional comedic sense, nor is it shocking or vulgar enough to be funny from an offensive standpoint. For rule 34 and fanfics, this is incredibly tame. All this is is some watered down Equus. Might as well just go and see Equus, because behind some of the shock is strong writing.
trachy is ogre this shrek nonsense.

3 Answers

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Experiencing pain and need treatment? Or do you need assistance hacking your Skype account? We at the Spam Advertisement Report Corporation gotcha covered.

Seriously though, two spam accounts in just two hours? Wow...

AvaLevine and MerVTK are the spam accounts this time.

Edit by Sempi
Third spam account.
I have however temporarily fended this off with the powar of quantum physics.

Weren't satisfied with our services last time? Perhaps our audio downloading tutorial will please you. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/206304/most-useful-places-to-discover-audio-downloading

This one's from GreCrumpton. I think we've got a little problem, these accounts are all probably related somehow.

answered 2 days ago by ƒιzz
edited 1 day ago by ƒιzz
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Reporting Natsu. Yes DT, again. No DT, this is not a joke.

Alot of users are sick of this already, and this isn't the first or second time he's done this. He's been banned on two previous occasions, and each time he comes back he keeps going again.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Even knows that he's going to be banned

answered 13 hours ago by Sempiternus
Now I'm confused whether to count them as spam or not lol
Sempiternus should be banned for having a Facebook.
What an idiot he is honestly *facepalm*.
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MajesticArcanine spammed, with full knowledge of what he was doing with other users online.
I got on late, but it seems he did more before what I screenshotted.

http://i.imgur.com/f12NRS4.png (admits spamming here)

answered Jul 13 by Sempiternus
edited Jul 13 by Sempiternus
Will they be back? Because they were gonna give me a Ninetales.
He also did it a few hours ago, I didn't take any screenshots but Ninja saw.
He was also banned and was put on the 'Why Were You Banned?' Meta post by Ninja, but the post is hidden now for some reason.
The link that go to Majestic Arcanine's page go to my page whats going on! This is my proof: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/Sceptile_03#MajesticArcanine I wonder if its just my computer.
He isnt baned, he's Idle in the chat room right now.
Wierd Sceptile, I changed it. The link seemed to be right anyway.