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Here is a place to report any serious wrongdoings- such as rule breaking- so that that person can be reviewed by the mods for a ban or warning. Please report people by explaining what they did; reporting a person with no evidence isn't going to get you anywhere. Only report people for doing the more serious things, such as using duplicate accounts, swearing, constant inappropriate image adding, that kind of thing. If someone is committing an offense that isn't as serious, such as mild spamming, just comment. If you are not reporting someone, don't comment on this page at all.

Remember, no joke reports and try to keep your posts civil.

Try to include chat logs (if needed) of the offenses when possible, although try to put them in a link rather then an image as images make the page run slow, eventually forcing us to delete past reports to stop the lag. We try to not delete the hidden posts of the ban report so that we have a database of offenses that we can refer to if somebody comes up on the ban report again, so having pictures and long chat logs can cause some eventual problems.

Be sure to add profile links. It does us moderators no good if profile links are not added as we do not enjoy digging through 20 point user pages to find one.

Useful links:

asked Dec 17, 2011 by trachy
edited Jan 18 by Ninja
I think cargo123abc is a duplicate account solely because of the name. Now yu all are gonna say "Let the experienced users do the work!" but I had to.

You need to give us proof, the other account etc etc. Basing a report just on the look of the name isn't good enough.
Look at the name. Can someone at least check the IP?
A user (I forgot his current name, used to be called Arcazeus: edit, shy guy of justice) was spamming the name change and at one point changed it too the racist N word

But I don't have any screenshots so I guess just a warning maybe? xD
I never said the N word grave but i did change my username many times that i admit.
quick note, a user called mega- lucario was being annoying and lashing out at various users (jarjar, sm, lupus, eppy and others were present). He changed his name after to mega-metagross and said;
a minute ago srry cousin had my phone wasn't me on the chat
Don't forget he was mean to me as well.
http://prntscr.com/4l3fge not sure how bad this is so ill just leave it as a comment.
^ all them tabs tho
I don't know whether to report or not so I'll just leave a comment. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/TalonFlameSpeed was strongly insulting me just because I had to go study. Fine I asked him if I could kick his ass in a battle but he swore at me twice.
All he did was call you a nerd and challnge you to a battle, idk why that would offend you.
You sould have been there to see and understand what happened.
I was "there", i read it 15 minutes after it happened.
7/8 answers on this page are for kirt.  O.O
In all seriousness, I think we should make a collective post for Kirt....
We should just hide the old reports for kirt, that'll be easier.

1 Answer

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3 minutes ago yep and i made a new profile

King _Crobat ( Icy )
3 minutes ago neon i got them 2 pokes for yu btw
Shy Guy of Justice
3 minutes ago How did you change your username?
3 minutes ago why aren't you banned anymore?
Shy Guy of Justice
3 minutes ago Oh
Neon Snivy
3 minutes ago Your my Chris who also has my Togekiss
3 minutes ago Not anymore
Shy Guy of Justice
3 minutes ago Talonflamespeed? But your banned
4 minutes ago I am TalonFlameSpeed!

Neon Snivy
4 minutes ago Hiya Icy
Neon Snivy
4 minutes ago Shy I have your adamant 1iv scraggy
4 minutes ago That chris
4 minutes ago no talon flame speed

Edit By Scraf: He commented on this question if you want to track him.

answered 2 hours ago by |SentByRavens|
edited 2 hours ago by Le Scraf
We got him to make a post too so he can't change his name