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Pokemaster can you fix this?

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When I click the stay signed in button, it keeps me signed in. But if I click the stay signed in button on another computer, it doesn't keep me signed in on the first computer.

What I want it to do is keep me signed in on both computers.Can you fix that?

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That's not really a site problem. A lot of websites do that. It's a preventative measure taken to ensure that somebody isn't hacking into your account on another computer.

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Currently, the site will only save one "permanent session", that's a limitation of the software we use.

You can log in on multiple computers simultaneously, but the sessions will all be temporary, until you close your browser.

I think that you will stay logged in if you never close your browser, that includes hibernating your computer too. I haven't tried it though...

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I have and it doesn't do that.