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Well, farewell...

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...year 2011. I hope it brought you as many good things as it did to me.
I wanted to "ask" this question about midnight, but I am probably not going to be here.
Just for feeling that time passes too quickly: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/1488/happy-new-cet-zone-year
So...see you in 2012 :)


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Farewell, 2011! (In 14 hours). I thought you were going to leave the site before actually opening it!
It´s 15:39 here, BTW...Yes, I wanted it to look like that :D
LOL DD! You scared me.
I read my links, DD. I see "troll face."
No, you don´t. You certainly don´t :D
You had me worried there LOL.

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LOL you successfully trolled me. I was about to come in here with "blah blah blah stop making I'm leaving posts" but you made me smile.

And happy new year to you and everyone else on this site!

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