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Smogon question.

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Why do some of the users here dislike Smogon? Also, why are they referred as Smogonites?

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I'm guessing because Smogon takes a slightly different view than Pokemondb does about movesets and such, but also, it's another very sucessful site, so it's like our rival. Sorry I can't give more, but I haven't been on this site for TOO long, just like half a year.
Rival? Ha.( Removed phrase about preference of smogon forums )  Either way, not really a fit answer, so it's a comment.

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Some of us have some contempt because they ban things that we do not think should be banned example: Drizzle Swift Swim, Garchomp, Thunderous etc. Also some of the Smogonites are very annoying about there tiers example: I use Garchomp, they swear then Rage quit. They are not all like that J98 and PB use Smogon, but some of us simply do not agree with Smogon.

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Hey, I only use their Tiers. I am not signed up into Smogon.
I saw my name and the term Smogonites in the same question and almost wrote a comment before hand :P Really, that term is demeaning.
I first heard the term smogonite from DT, trachy, or Swampert. I always thought it was what the users of Smogon called themselves lol.
Use to use Smogon. I still copy their teams :D