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I like them, but are they allowed?

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There are a lot of "Help Me Find My Pokemon" or "What Pokemon meets these requirements" questions lately. I like them, but there are almost... too many. Should they be allowed? I mean, they don't break any rules.

asked Jan 15, 2012 by XtremeKiller
That is because of the ongoing tournament.
Although I wish those people would do the work themselves...
Oh yeah, I forgot about that. But something tells me they'll still be going after...
Aggreed with Sam x 4. Luckily, it's not every person

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They ARE allowed. Pokemaster says so.
Look at this. Pokemaster says they are allowed.
"Just gonna add in case anyone thinks it's breaking the rules, this question is specific enough to be useful and not just 'What Pokemon should I use?'" - The Master of Pokemon, OMA, Pokemaster

answered Jan 15, 2012 by Mewderator
Yes this is correct, but ONLY if they have specific requirements. Just saying "What Water type Pokemon can I use" is not specific at all. And that could easily be looked up on our site anyway.