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How about providing shoddy battle service?

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That way the members of this site would be more likely to battle each other, and we would have a place to jo where we won't have to deal with those f***ing serious pricks that populate all the other Shoddy Battle servers (sorry, those guys really piss me off.) You won't need to create your own shoddy battle type thing, because you'll be providing shoddy battle (also, you'll need moderators to stop spamming if you do this, so...)

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Or is this what you thought I meant by making your own version of Shoddy Battle? I'm sure you can just become one of the servers or something.

How to make a server. You could ask for someone on this sie who is more technology savvy to do it. I'm sure you could, but you are busy already. I would do it, but I suck at technology (as seen by me trying to download shoddy battle.)

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Yes, this would be much easier to do than writing my own version of SB from scratch, but still a lot of work. And I'd have to see how much of a strain it puts on the server.

In short, I won't be doing this in the near future, but it might come one day...

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