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Gender: Other
Country: Braviary
Favorite Pokémon: Dragonair, Gallade, Haxorus, Lapras, Electabuzz, Dunsparce, the 3 pixies, Latias and latios, Luxray, Empoleon, garchomp, Staraptor, Giratina, Milotic, Gligar, Skarmory, Dragonite, Aggron, Serperior, The Weather beasts, Salamence, Magnezone, Jirachi, Deoxys, Rayquaza, dragalge, clawitzer, noivern, both forms of aegislash, helioptile, fennekin, swoobat, krookodile, liepard, hitmonchan, darmanitan, scolipede, galvantula, Gengar, ninetales, and MOAR!!!!!
Friend Codes: White 2: 2194 6814 6022 (beware my Latias) Name: Lucky
3DS friend code: 0318-8490-2745

Friend list:   Not updating since name change
Arcanine18- my first friend, haven't seen him in a while
|sentbyravens|- I think he called me smeti
Jellohamster* - who's not friends with Jello?
Snorlax_Queen - nice queen
Dr. Flame - he called me smeti
DB-Valet* - leader of the messy hair group, and also a great friend
Amart8 - he's a nice guy
candy- called me smeti
Zero92 -called me smeti
Adam* - we battled and I don't think he likes Barney (my scraggy)
ZoroarkMaster132* - called me smeti and is the leader of pokementors. Wonder where she is now...
Eeveelotion :3* - a great friend and traded me some awesome Pokemon.
Enderdragon* - traded me some amazing Pokemon.
Mewtwos master - called me smeti
REDtheLEGEND - he's really popular...
ShinySuicune101 - she's nice and popular too...
Cluelessponyta - same as above
Greenemerald0 - called me Smeti and really likes green, I like emerald though :D
Poke'slash- Slash slashing slasher... Plus we had an amazing conversation a while back
Dragneel999- Amazing conversations come and go, right?
Lord Kaname- The first person that called me Lucky Kentucky(besides DB)
Scout21078- we had some great battles
Poke Potato*- nice name ya got there
x Lucky Luxray x: we battled and I finally won one of my first x and y wifi battles
Dzeill: helped me get mega Scizor, and I feel like he should be on this list
Trapper: I hate his Milotic XD
Mew2King: he's really, really strong, but I beat him with SHINY CHANDY!!
The__jordan: he's pretty strong, I tell ya.
Lxltassasin: She REALLY takes a whole long time EV training lol.
Terlor: Got me pinsirite and tyranitarite, but I had to give up my heracronite and aggronite. :(
Generekt: He's a pretty nice guy when you get to know him :)
(Crossbones symbol)Midnight$t0rm(Crossbones symbol)- he inspired me to get a dragon dance scrafty :)
Gau222: called me smeti :)
~Spiritomb~: Called me Smeti :)
Dan: Called me Smeti :)
Doctor Chu: A really nice person :)
Lupus: Called me Smeti :)
!'•-Indigo-•'!: Called me Smeti :)
LordGoomy: Called me Smeti :)
Sophisticles: Called me Smeti :)
Umbreon9519: Called me Smeti :)
xGEKx: For being awesome too :)
Arcazeus: I think he called me Smeti :)
Carebears123: Called me Smeti :)
SethPokemon: Called me Smeti :)
demat: Called me Smeti :)

If you call me Smeti and or luck kentucky in chat you will be added to my friend list.

Wow I have a giant friend list :P

*Really good friend :D

Name change schedule thing: Lucky 2000 ---> 25647 ---> Lucky 2000 ---> Dragoonair---> Dragoon ---> Ace of Diamonds ---> Ace of Dragons ---> ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ ---> Lucky 2000 ---> (⊙ω⊙) ---> Dragoon ---> (⊙ω⊙) ---> #Mega Pinsir ---> President Quagmire ---> !-<~Quagmire~>-!

I need more friends(and points :3)

Best Fwends List:
Sir Mudkip: for being overall awesome :)


Quotes to save:

Eponyta:  My brother is a teletubby. He's short, chubby, and has a limited vocabulary(mostly swear words).
About me: Special thanks to Qwertyzoom44 for helping me get 100 upvotes! :)

Special thanks to Blitz for the gravatar. :)

I took the DragonflyCave Personality test thing and got one of the greatest pokemon of all time............MEW!!!!!!!!!!

Shinies that I have in all games:

Sapphire: Corphish, Numel, Heracross
Not sure in diamond pearl or platinum
Hg and Ss: red gyarados
Black: hacked it so now I have like 80 shinies
White: swanna
Black 2: Garchomp
White 2: Dragonite, Luvdisc
Y: Tentacruel, clawitzer, CHANDY!!, espeon, sylveon, victreebel, you have to battle me to find out the next one :), deoxys, typhlosion

My pokemon team in white 2:

Birdsky(unfeazant) level 82

Moves: air cutter
           Sky attack
           Quick attack

Nature: Naughty( good for unfeazant)

Lightbulb(electabuzz) level 81

Moves : strength
            Electro ball

Apple Jack(Latias) level 86

Moves: ice beam
           Mist ball

TMNT(mienshao) level 85

Moves:  aura sphere
            Drain punch
            Aerial ace

Ducky(golduck) level 78

Moves: zen headbutt
           Hydro pump

Hax(haxorus) level 86

Moves: dragon dance
           Dual chop

Does anyone want a togepi or porygon? If you want one, then trade me a Vullaby or Buneary or Spoink or Shuppet.Those are the pokemon I need to complete the Unova pokedex. If you want to trade just meet me in chat then we'll meet in global terminal then trade then your done!

All Pokémon games I have

2 Platinums
Black 2
White 2
Still waiting for Z or R/S/E remakes(can't wait til those come out :))

Sooooo, basically I have all games for Gen 3, 4, 5, and some of 6

My guesses for what stat each Kalos pokemon specialize in

Froakie-Attack or HP
Scatterbug and its family-Sp.Atk or Speed
Clauncher-Sp.Atk or Attack
Noivern-Attack or Speed
Helioptile-Sp.Atk or Speed
Gogoat-HP or Attack or Defense
Xerneas-Attack or Speed
Yveltal-Sp.Atk or Attack or Speed

Those are my theories of what stat each Kalos pokemon will specialize in.

Note to self: Gravatar change on 7/15/2013

Top 3 battle themes in Soul Silver: 3:Gym Battle/ Elite 4 music 2: Champion/Red music 1: Rival battle music

Top 3 battle themes in White 2: 3: final round PWT music. 2: gym leader music. 1: Regi battle music

Suggestions for gravatars? If you guys (and gals) come up with a good gravatar, I will choose it and you will get some awesome prizes! Like a Noivern(I'm still working on getting a ton of noibats) or a trolling sigilyph! Make sure it's a link that I can click.

9/9/2013 broke 200 points!
10/23/2013 broke 300 points!
12/7/2013 broke 400 points!
1/30/2014 broke 500 points!(thanks KC :))
2/12/2014 broke 600 points!
3/20/2014 broke 700 points!
4/2/2014 broke 800 points!
6/1/2014 broke 2000 points!
7/26/2014 broke 3000 points and 200th upvote!(Thanks Sir Dan :))
8/18/2014 broke 4000 points!

Soul Silver Team:
Quill (Typhlosion) Lv. 51
Mew 2 (what do you think it is?) Lv. 71
Swagneton (Magneton) Lv. 45
Luck (Togekiss) Lv. 46
Jelly (Tentacruel) Lv. 45
Dragoon (Dragonite) Lv. 59

Dragoon is the mascot for my username, in case you don't know.

Oh, and by the way when the username change comes I'll be open for name change suggestions. Prize is(almost) the same for the gravatar thing.

My soon-to-be Y team


Have you ever noticed that shiny dragonite looks like a fat mutated shiny golbat?

I CREATED AN EMOTICON!!!! The cool guy: B)

This is probably the worlds best platinum team right below here:

Pipster the Empoleon: Lv. 67  Moves: Drill peck, Waterfall, Brine, Surf

Shredder the Weavile: Lv. 67  Moves: Ice Punch, Night Slash, X-scissor, Agility

Bolt the Luxray: Lv. 65  Moves: Crunch, Strength, Thunder Fang, Discharge

Scary the Staraptor: Lv. 66  Moves: Aerial Ace, Fly, Close Combat, Brave Bird

Mint Block the Dragonite: Lv. 64  Moves: Rock Slide, Dragon Dance, Aqua Tail, Dragon Rush

Chomp the Garchomp: Lv. 66  Moves: Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Dragon Rush, Stone Edge

This is my opinion, so don't go around saying "No, MY team's the best!" or something crappy like that. Just an opinion. So don't say that, okay? Good.

My team is Ringdingding the Delphox Lv. 71
                          Red Robin the Talonflame Lv. 69
                          Flower Power the Florges Lv. 65
                          Excalibur the Aegislash Lv. 69
                          Burrito the Hawlucha Lv. 66
                          Skull Candy the Noivern Lv. 66
Haven't followed my prediction yet, and I only have all 8 badges!
Dandelion I just got today, 12/31/2013. On 1/1/2014 I got my first shiny Pokemon. Shiny tentacool!

My basic goal in Y is that I need a LOT of dragon type Pokemon and to get all of the mega stones. Speaking of mega stones, if you have a houndour with the manectite I could give you an electrike with the houndoominite! Same rule goes with me getting an aggron with the tyranitarite and trading you a tyranitar with an aggronite.

I don't understand why everybody hates gourgeist, it's awesome!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Sometimes I do stupid things like upvote spamming (which rarely happens) but it's because if somebody has 90 and they can't do anything to get to 100, I give them a tiny boost to help them out or something.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

10th BA: 2/11/2014 that totally sounds noobish but YEAAAAHH!!!

Join the Kirby people! You need a weapon, Pokemon, and a Kirby character! This has just started, so there is probably only a few people!
The People:
Dragoon: Leader/Founder(me), chosen weapon: dead Doublade, chosen Pokemon: My trusty Noivern! Chosen Kirby character: Dragoon
Moon: chosen weapon: baseball bat with screw in it
Sassy-Little-Mawile: chosen Pokemon: mawile chosen Kirby character: waddle doo
Meowinghorse: chosen weapon: kitten launcher chosen Pokemon: bulbasaur chosen character: gordo
More to come soon!

Emoticon wall!!

 ><(((:> ><(((:>
 ><(((:> ><(((:>
 ><(((:> ><(((:>

 __(          )====: :
/~~~~~~~~ \

      /                             \
 (oOO)  \ (||||)(||||) /  (OOo)
|\         __________         /|
| | <o>\_________/<o> | |

 / )/ )
(     )
 /     \
(  o   ) bunny is sad

◄██▓░░ RESPECT ░░▓██►

[---T--L -OlllllllO-]


 .==-.                    .-==.
 \()8`-._  `.   . '  _.-'8()/
 (88"   ::.   \./   .::   "88)
  \_.'`-::::. (#) .::::-'`._/
    `._... .q(_) p. ..._.'
      ""-..-'  |=| `-..-""
      .""' .  ' |=| `. `"".
    ,':8(o)./ |=| \.(o)8:`.
   (O :8 ::/ \_/ \:: 8: O)
    \O `::/           \::' O/
     ""--'               `--""            Butterfwy

%%%%%-'   /  `.
%%%'  .     ,__;
%%'   :          \O\
%'    :                  `.
'     `. _,                  '
    ~  .'`-._                 `.
 ~~%%%%:  `-.     (,;
~~%%:           `._\_.'
%%;     Rapidash!

 +   Like a    +
  '+  Boss +'
        | ()""()
       ("( 'o' )

      |           |
      |           |
      |    O    |
      |    O    |
      |    O    |
  /  |VVVVV|  \
/__| VVVV |__\

( )

ヽ(^o^)ρ┳┻┳°σ(^o^)/ ping pong XD

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VVVV ha!
2 hours ago by demat
Yeah but you go for points and I don't :D
11 hours ago by ♛KingJordan♛
Nothing compared to that Shy guy terminator you have there o.o
21 hours ago by Qwerty Zoom
/me shoots shy guy with his own gahn
21 hours ago by Masked Torterra
BTW can I have your shy guy's minigun?
22 hours ago by Masked Torterra
Sorry thought you meant me.My apologies.
1 day ago by Masked Torterra
1 day ago by Masked Torterra
I love Infernape.  If I had to choose between having Infernape and Empoleon on my team, I'd pick Infernape.  How "good" a Pokémon is, however, is not only based on its competitive use, thus my love for Piplup.
1 day ago by Pimplup
Congrats on 4k smeti
2 days ago by Pimplup
Make any excuse you want, but Piplup is amazing.  You must never insult my people.
And Infernape may KO Empoleon, but it can't do anything to Pimplup...
2 days ago by Pimplup