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Oh look, someone decided to pay attention to my profile. Hello.
Jan 25 by [MEGA]StellarLucario
Jan 11 by Weedle Everyday
Hey thanks for recommending these guys to me, I listened to their music on their youtube channel and their actually pretty good :), and your right they do sound like a combination of HU and LP!
May 23, 2014 by Sir Dan
Yes, Dan. If you have iTunes they're up there. If you wanna try Grooveshark.com they have the whole EP free to stream. They only have 5 songs tho :/

December 2013 new enough for you? ;)
May 23, 2014 by [MEGA]StellarLucario
Hmm I've never heard of them before, are they fairly new because they don't seem to have a Wiki Page? I'll have to give them a listen if their music is that kind of genre :) \m/
May 22, 2014 by Sir Dan
Oh, glad you saw that :) The thing is I just don't have that much to ask here anymore. I have what I need to know. I think I asked what might be the last one a few moments ago. :(

If you see me on PS main server, Kijani, fight me :) that'd be nice.

Poppie, PS is Pokemon Showdown. Try it.
Feb 20, 2014 by [MEGA]StellarLucario
What'oes PS mean?
Jan 25, 2014 by poppie
I saw what you wrote on Rio's wall. Sucks that you're not here much anymore, but ah well. GOod to know you're still off trolling the world ;P
Jan 14, 2014 by MrKijani
Jan 5, 2014 by melcakes
I like Fennekin too
Dec 7, 2013 by FenaFox