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Wall for ƒιzz (page 1)

theye're meant as a joke
they can be edited out but some people enjoy them
im fine if its changed :D
Nov 8 by It's a secret!
Poor Dragonite's never going to have a Mega Evolution. If Mega Stones keep using the same naming system, we'd have the "Dragoniteite", which sounds and looks stupid. xD
Oct 27 by ƒιzz
▄░▐░░░▄▄░█░▀▀ U HAVE BEEN SP00KED BY THE
░░░░░░▐▌▀▄▀▄▀▐▄SP00KY SKELETON
Oct 27 by Ludicobro
Oct 19 by Le Scraf
Alright well I did this for XY, so I'll do it again for OR/AS. Tier predictions :)
Swampert-M: UU, with some use in OU
Sceptile-M: UU or OU
Sableye-M: wherever regular Sableye ends up, regular is better than Mega
Altaria-M: UU
Gallade-M: UU
Audino-M: UU or RU if it's unlucky
Sharpedo-M: OU
Slowbro-M: OU
Steelix-M: RU
Pidgeot-M: UU or OU
Glalie-M: RU
Diancie-M: OU
Metagross-M: OU
Primals: Ubers
Rayquaza-M: Ubers
Hoopa-M: OU
Camerupt-M: RU
Lopunny-M: OU
Salamence-M: OU or Ubers
Beedrill-M: OU
Oct 17 by ƒιzz
Happy 4 years!
Oct 16 by Le Scraf
I know, why won't Smash come out! We're so close, yet so far!
Sep 30 by TheCastformGuy
Hurry up October so I can play Smash D:
Sep 19 by ƒιzz
omg it's the lockness dragalge!
Sep 14 by Toxicroak