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Wall for ƒιzz (page 1)

obv i'm not posting what i want on your wall for confidentiality purposes >.<
Aug 31 by Sempiternus
In the comments of this post http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/52803/time-capsule-tournament-round-2-matches-due-by-august-30th?show=52850#a52850 I wrote my email and hid it. You should be able to see it. I'd appreciate if you sent me an email when you saw it. (It's addressed to trachy but that's off topic...)

ofc what I want to talk to you about isn't extremely urgent, but I'd like to have your input in something I'm doing in regards to one of the users on the site, so yeah, if you could get in touch it would be great.
Aug 31 by Sempiternus
fizzzy could I catch you on the server :x?
Aug 30 by Sempiternus
Deviantart I think
Aug 29 by The Trapinchinator
vvv How do you find something like that? o.o
Aug 26 by JarJar~
Wow, I can't believe I only saw that awesome Grav just now!!
Aug 25 by Torterra02
Thats a sick grav fizz! :D
Aug 22 by Shy Guy of Justice
Dragalge <3
Aug 22 by The Trapinchinator
I'm diggin' the Dragalge :3
Aug 20 by Pimplup