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That Grav...you must like Squirtle ehh? :) Especially the Squirtle Squad huh :D
Aug 5 by LordGoomy
Lolz dat grav
Aug 2 by Umbreon9519
And also,The reason I said that was my tebket never actually showed the question...It just said New or Meloetta,The question never loaded in and thats why I said it could be asked by chat instead :-). didn't mean to be a Bish lol jk
Aug 2 by Pado00405
Hey,BTW thanks for clarifying :-) .I'm not mad or anything,Just wondering :-)
Aug 2 by Pado00405
I swear that was a typo,sorry! :-)
Aug 2 by Pado00405
Aug 2 by Pado00405
Why'd ya *** my question? :'(  I was being truthful...
Aug 2 by Pado00405
Hey, nice meeting you. I have a 6 IV Gligar with immunity which I am looking to trade for an IV bred Nincada that I can use for baton passing. So if you have one please tell me.
Aug 1 by sid13
Thanks. :) I won't make the same mistake again! :D
Jul 29 by MightyMudkip
Just so I know for the future, what things can't you post, so what will get disapproved? :)
Jul 28 by MightyMudkip