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3.5 years on the DB -
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Do da Kirby dance.
6 days ago by ∞Skynet∞
Ok, how are you already having finals? After they are done maybe then I can
Dec 1 by Hawluchinations
Hey, do you still want me to help tutor you?
Dec 1 by Hawluchinations
I come on almost everyday at some time,  but idk when u will be on also.
Nov 25 by Hawluchinations
PST...that means your 3 hours behind me.  Can you be on around 6 your time?  That or I also can do around 4 your time.  

If these don't work let me know and I'll try and shift my schedule around.  Also I'm on quite a lot on weekends so I should be able to help you then.
Nov 24 by Hawluchinations
Hey, I was wondering if u wanted me to help tutor you. I'm not the best player on the site, but I can give you a few pointers and am on a lot.  I should be able to help you a lot.  If u are interested message me on my wall :P
Nov 24 by Hawluchinations
No prob man
Nov 20 by ∞Skynet∞
Thanks for the hint on inserting pictures on answer skynet! :D
Nov 19 by B-Frog
Btw, opinion-based questions like those just  **** me off.  No offense to the poster.
Sep 18 by ∞Skynet∞
I'm an academic... that's just how it is.

I also forgot how to interact socially.
Sep 18 by ∞Skynet∞