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Gender: ♂ =Male=Dude=Guy=What else do you want?
Country: "'Murica, land of lazy, fat people"~Ummm...somebody on the Database?
Favorite Pokémon: I would have to say, due to nostalgia, Eevee.
Friend Codes: 3DS FC: 2895-7563-5148
About me: Time to redo this piece o' junk! Maybe start with......a....Fwendz List?

DT-I like this guy, even he doesn't understand his references XD

Recoded-My old battle tutor, and friend

Mizuki-Come bacccckkkkk!!!!! ;~:

Mr.Kijani-Did you get your makover yet? :P

Kickbot-He just needs a hug :P

Gallade-Great guy that I did a Multi Battle with

Zekrom-He is a really nice person

MightMudkip-One of my many Multi Battling friends

Horse le Meow AKA Meowing Horse-He wanted to be on here

If you are one of my friends are NOT on here, plz tell me! This is a clean up so....yeah :P

Hmmm, what next ,eh? Post on wall your ideas of what I should put on my profile! <(^.^)>

OMG! I am so stupid! I need a Best Fwendz Wall :P


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Aug 10 by Umbreon9519
Sup :D?
Aug 6 by Graveyard Shift
Ikr? I playing Platinum just for the sake of contests XD
Jul 26 by ☆∞ℐwilight ᴘrince∞☆
Yeah, I've wanted contests back since they removed them in B/W :3
Jul 26 by ƒιzz
Ello governors and governesses!
Jul 17 by ☆∞ℐwilight ᴘrince∞☆
Prince, Game Chat? I'm online right now, and unless my brother comes whining at me to play Kirby with him, there should be no interruptions. :D
Jun 27 by •==[Mega-Grievous==>
I'm not cockney you know
Jun 27 by Graveyard Shift
Is it just me, or does Mr. Alliteration Acknowledgement seem to disappear for months on end every once and a while?
Jun 25 by •==[Mega-Grievous==>
EE, come back ;-;
Jun 24 by Amiable Angemon
Where be you Prince?
Jun 6 by •==[Mega-Grievous==>