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Gender: Genderless as I'm LEGENDARY
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Favorite Pokémon: Most Pokemon :P
Friend Codes: 3DS friend code: 3625-9680-1452
Pokemon Y ign: Deedat
About me: I'm just a regular pokemon trainer who loves to battle! I'll accept a challenge from anyone. When u see me on chat don't hesitate  to ask if u want to battle. I'm very friendly unless ppl seriously get on my nerves (which has happened once, courtesy of Ginny, who kindly pointed it out to me on my wall :P). I battle only Gen VI and showdown OU tier.
That's it about me!
Most have a friend list but I'm gonna have a RIVAL list! XD
So here are my main rivals
GIN RUMMY! ( I call him Ginny :P aka Lord Kaname)
Mega pinsir
Icy black kyurem
Fated Fathom
It's a secret
And all the guys who have beaten me in battle :P
My goal is to b the best pokemon trainer and I will reach the goal if not sooner then later!

STATUS UPDATE(20/09/14): very busy so I'll be on rarely due to my exams, but I'll be more active after August 2016

And now to my friends....
I'm friendly to everyone and you know if you r a friend of mine then u r one :P

Cracked 1000 points ---->  14/05/14
Reached 2000 points ---->  30/07/14 (woah that took long)

This is for people who think legends are cheap V (courtesy of Lust's profile, Lust if u don't like me copying your profile post, just say so, I'll remove it :))
"I am really intolerant of people with an idiotic mindset of legendary pokemon being "OP" because of their affiliated status in a game. I cannot, for the life of me, understand how stupid one must be to embrace that format in competitive play. No way in hell will Phione be "OP", even in the tier known as NU. But because it's a "legend", it automatically makes it the greatest? No. Shoot, Nidoking is far superior to it. Is Nidoking a legendary? Nope.

Phione usually only runs Calm Mind, Surf, Ice Beam, Psychic. That's it. A majority of Phione sets will be exactly or similar to this. Why? Because Phione sucks, that's why. No one gives two damns if it's a legendary. IT. SUCKS. Meanwhile, Nidoking is capable of doing many things. It's a Stealth Rock setter, it has an amazing ability (Sheer Force, which makes him an offensive powerhouse), and is able to run Life Orb without any risks, makig him even MORE powerful. But he's not a legendary, so he has to be worse than Phione.

Which leads me to my point; because someone uses Legendaries in OU or UU (most common tiers to find them apart from Ubers), that doesn't mean they automatically are being "cheap". I'd beg to differ. I'd say anyone who says legendaries are cheap ought to buy some brain cells and some common sense. Aegislash beats Latios and Latias, for crying out loud. But Latios and Latias are OP, rememeber, cause they're legendaries. But if something can beat them, then what do you do? Do you consider Aegislash OP as well, or should you give up your very imbecilic standpoint of thinking all legendary status pokemon are OP? If you opt for option 2, good job, and welcome to competitive battling. If you opted for option one, then please stop playing pokemon lol. Because then Excadrill beats Aegislash, so that becomes OP. Then Politoed becomes OP because it beats Excadrill. Soon enough, Dedenne is OP bc it beats Politoed. So admit it; if you even attempt to play competitively, then realize how silly your standpoint is before trying to compete. Because you will be highly disappointed. And guess what? No one cares if they used a legend against you. Good luck using your Red based team of Pikachu, Lapras, Snorlax, Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise LOL."

And BTW I love to b unique!¡
That's it about me! Thnx for taking the time to read such a boring "about me" section XD
Best wishes to everyone!

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1 day ago by It's a secret!
*hugz back*
4 days ago by It's a secret!
I won't have time till the end of April (this year) bc chem is gong badly
4 days ago by It's a secret!
wanna battle sometime?
4 days ago by It's a secret!
Hai Sri Lankan.
6 days ago by It's a secret!
Hah so at lest it's worth the wait. I look forward to some great battles in 2016 :D
Jan 10 by twig7211
Oh right forgot you had exams :P. But man that's a long time lol. Anyways, best of luck on your tests I'll make dua for you XD.
Jan 6 by twig7211
Salam dude where've ya been? We should battle again sometime
Jan 1 by twig7211
Dec 17, 2014 by It's a secret!
Nov 18, 2014 by The Trapinchinator