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kouhai on the streets senpai in the sheets
Sep 7 by Snow
I hope you're feeling better fren :c
Aug 30 by CWegz
Oh okay, it's something personal. Well yeah. Good luck and may the future be bright!
Aug 25 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
You did it. You badass motherfucker.
Aug 25 by Le Scraf
I don't know what is happening to you right now, but I'm gonna try say something based on the previous comments.

Good luck and may the future be bright!

...I didn't want to say something like 'What is happening?' because I thought I'd sound like an idiot. But I probably am already so yeah, what is happening? :P
Aug 24 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
scurry avatr :(
Aug 24 by JarJar~
Gtfo we don't need you :3.

Seriously though, you'll do just fine. I don't see how anyone would't like you. Stay upbeat, and keep the important things in your mind. never let anything stop you being who you want to be :P.

Ew, mushy stuff. Now go back to being 'gtfo'-d
Aug 19 by ReadyAimFire
The whole DB's behind you. Just remember that. If you need anything... ask anyone.
Best of luck in what you're attempting. I really it hope it works out.  You're a good person, and you care for others. Get that across, and I'm sure you'll be fine.

~GL bwother
Aug 18 by Sempiternus
I hope you're okay. Get well soon.

The rest of the DB server sends their regards:

[22:33:00] ~Ninja-Sensei: I hope Valet is ok.
Aug 16 by Le Scraf
Hi, and bye. We had a good run, and tell shiny suicune bye for me too. I don't have much time before I'm banned. Look on meta, I'm sure you'll get answers there. Or my wall, look for post that was made by user Graveyard Shift. Go to the profile and look for a post that I made. You'll see why I was banned.
Aug 15 by TERKOIZ