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Hi, and bye. We had a good run, and tell shiny suicune bye for me too. I don't have much time before I'm banned. Look on meta, I'm sure you'll get answers there. Or my wall, look for post that was made by user Graveyard Shift. Go to the profile and look for a post that I made. You'll see why I was banned.
Aug 15 by TERKOIZ
Grim Reaper
/me fleez
Aug 11 by Sempiternus
Aug 11 by Pahffo
It is far too difficult to kill me, take me on a trip to internet-less place however, that's easy to do.
Aug 7 by MrKijani
Aug 7 by It's a secret!
Aug 5 by JackZero
DB, I'm gonna select sempi's answer, but I'm gonna make sure you get 2 extra upvotes to balance it out, ok?
Aug 4 by The Trapinchinator
3DS: 0275 - 8916 - 2074
Name: Gau
Aug 2 by [Dark Star] Greninja
be my friend pls
Aug 2 by [Dark Star] Greninja
na son
Aug 2 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ