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Member for: 2 years (since Apr 22, 2012)
Type: Registered user
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Gender: Boy
Country: Pakistan
Favorite Pokémon: Mienshao
Friend Codes: Black 2: 2753 4747 1626

So I want to set up a Pokemon X/Y Adoption Agency. I'm going to call it "Ayan's Adoption Agency" There'll be a list of Pokemon, and you take your pick for which one you want. You can also give me Pokemon you do not want! This way, the Pokemon can circulate, and everyone will get a cool Pokemon. Now, if you want to get a Pokemon, you must give me a Pokemon you randomly found in the wild. Anything goes. As for donating, you will get anything I find in the wild. Release it afterwards if you please. List of Pokemon to come soon. You can choose between Egg or PC Pokemon (Possibly with some EVs).

1. Eevee Lv. 1

2. Bulbasaur Lv. 1

3. Torchic Lv. 1

4. Riolu Lv. 1

5. Sylveon Lv. 15

My Friends List:

JirachiCelebiMew: To me it doesn't matter that you are banned from being a gender and are exiled. You'll always be that nice, funny dude who I loved to talk to on chat. This will never change.

Gligurr: SOOO sorry I forgot to put you here buddy. Anyway used to be like a role model but now you're yeah and I'm like lol okay so yeah.

Rio: That awkward first time we met xD. Anyway since then we've become very good friends and shared many a conversation. I wish you'd update your site more, and that you would come on chat more often. Never see you around.

DarkTyphlosion: Not trying to suck up to the mods, you're seriously a cool, funny guy who showed me the cutest scarf I have ever seen! You're an awesome dude, hope you stick around the site longer.

Stay Silent: You and your name changes. -.- Make them Stay Silent. Pun intended. My God the times we've spent together!! Can't even recall all of them, there are too many! You, me and Flare are the power trio!

Meow(something)Meow(something)Mewtwo: Best time ever with you with all the hugs and whatnot :P

MrKijani: You are hilarious!! I love talking to you on chat and hearing you say funny things.

Leboss: Don't know your current name but I miss seeing you on chat. Same with Oncoming$torm.

Oncoming$torm: I miss talking to you, we had some nice convos. And then our convos with Leboss!
About me: Name's Ayan. My birthday is October 24th. And...well, most people know me well. I reign supreme as I have the highest points out of any Registered User...on Meta.

I need to find someone who likes DBZ. Seriously. It's not as freaking childish as everyone thinks.

Hmm, if this was the test to become Expert, this is how I'd do:

- Must be a user for a certain period of time, 6 to 9 months: I've been active for almost 2 years.
- Must have activity on all sections of the DB: Pokebase and Meta covered, working on Battle Subway.
- Must be agreed upon by Pokemaster and three Moderators: Don't know about this one xP
- Have a relatively clean record: Uh, I made a dupe in 2012 summer, does that count? :3
- Show respect for other users of the site: Yes.
- Pass an online grammar test: mah grummur iz fain dood
- Have good site activity: I log in everyday.

Pokemon Y records:

Starter: Fennekin
First Evolved: Fennekin --> Braixen
Second evolved: Flabebe --> Floette
Third evolved: Bunnelby --> Diggersby
First Pokemon caught: Pikachu
Second Pokemon caught: Bunnelby
Third Pokemon caught: Flabebe
First Kalos Pokemon caught: Bunnelby
Second Kalos Pokemon caught: Flabebe
Third Kalos Pokemon caught: Amaura (Through Fossil, actually)
First Pokemon Traded: Pikachu
Second Pokemon Traded: Braixen (I got my brother's Quilladin in return. It's for the Pokedex, so we traded back)
Third Pokemon Traded: Bagon
Team type: ALL Kalos Pokemon, except for Mewtwo.
Team (so far): Greninja, Delphox, Florges, Meowstic, Yveltal, Mewtwo

Official Team: Mienshao, Haxorus, Hydregion, Durant, Jirachi and still determining the last one.

If you're wondering why I change my name so much, well...I don't know. I can't stick with one thing for too long, I guess. That being said, check out the list.

My username changes:

Munchlax Forever =>

=> Victini Victory =>

=> MagikarpShouldBeUber =>

=> Beautifly Blade =>

=> Victini Victory =>

=> Raised By Wolves =>

=> ElectricShockRotom =>

=> Page374 =>

=> ElectricShockRotom =>

=> Ayan =>

=> Ayan (idle) =>

=> ElectricShockRotom =>

=> Ayan =>

=> KICKBOT' =>

=> Ayan

Activity by Ayan

Score: 2,522 points (ranked #15)
Questions: 41 (33 with best answer chosen)
Answers: 56 (11 chosen as best)
Comments: 465
Voted on: 85 questions, 72 answers
Gave out: 150 up votes, 7 down votes
Received: 247 up votes, 23 down votes

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3 hours ago by Poke'slash
Sorry for late reply!
I loveeee Soul Eater, and Death the Kid is favorite besides Crona.
I recently say half of the live-action Dragonball movie. It was all right.
3 hours ago by Poke'slash
Wow. Tons of name changes.
Jul 19 by Umbreon9519
*salutes* Same to you, and have a good summer, sir!
Jul 16 by Poke'slash
Nope! Just busy. I missseeeeddddd yoouuuu
Jul 14 by Poke'slash
Yeah, ik :P. I'm not saying our weather is worse, I'm just saying I don't like. Plus, we had floods last winter, so we're not looking forward to it
Jun 27 by Graveyard Shift
When it rains most days of the year, you soon get to dislike it
Jun 26 by Graveyard Shift
it's too vhot or raining to much. Nothing good about that.

Tbh, I'm not comparing my life to yours or anyone else, but I will say that it's not exactly "easy". I can be worse, so being "ok" is more than good enough for me :P
Jun 24 by Graveyard Shift
Not a whole lot, but that means nothing gotten worse. Sometimes no news is good news o3o

Don't thank me for helping. I'll be here whenever you need me xP
Jun 24 by Graveyard Shift
Depends who.  Ask 'em, why they think that, and if you don't like the answer, call them a  douche and walk away. take no notice of someone who thinks nothing of you, because anyone who can't see how epic you really are doesn't deserve to be around you :P. It doesn't natter who they are, you don't have to put up with them (unless they're like the God f Switzerland or something (yes I did just choose a random country. Problem?))
Jun 21 by Graveyard Shift