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Wall for Blobyolo

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Jan 10 by |SentByRavens|
happy birthday blob O:
Jul 23, 2014 by hotcakes
Makes decent sense :P. It was fun having you around tho
Jun 15, 2014 by ReadyAimFire
Are you back? I keep seeing your comments ;~:
Jun 13, 2014 by ReadyAimFire
*checks outbox*

Well, I was sure I had.

But hey, you responded to wall post anyway :D
Apr 19, 2014 by MrKijani
At least respond to my wall posts if you're not going to respond to email :D?
Apr 17, 2014 by MrKijani
Yeah, I heard. I'll be one of the few people to say "Yay!" The guy is extremely talented, so he'll get picked up sooner rather than later. Hopefully 343 manages to grab hold of him. The music for Halo 4 was good, but it doesn't approach the brilliance of O'Donnel's work.
Apr 16, 2014 by trachy
That's fair enough xD, my major exams aren't 'til next year myself, so I got the lucky end :P. GL in them tho
Mar 11, 2014 by ReadyAimFire
You should get around more. We dont see enough of you :P
Mar 9, 2014 by ReadyAimFire
Happy New year, Blobyolo! We gotta start talking more. Cya round?
Dec 31, 2013 by Rio