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Wall for CluelessPonyta (page 1)

it's okay, I don't mind being corrected online, only irl XD
May 31 by CluelessPonyta
May 24 by Pahffo
just saying, I don't won't comments telling me to come back, I just don't want to read a million wall posts telling me to come back so please just be considerate of that.
May 10 by CluelessPonyta
Scratch that, I'm way ahead of you, and please come back more often. We miss you and want you back here :(
May 6 by The Trapinchinator
I'm almost ahead of you >:)
Apr 16 by The Trapinchinator
awwwwwww, cute
Apr 15 by CluelessPonyta
I've got a kitten too! He loves sitting on chairs my brothers got for their b-days.He's quite a big kitten now.
Apr 10 by Masked Torterra
XD nice profile pic
Apr 2 by Jellohamster
Hey Clue :3
Mar 24 by RedtheLEGEND