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Wall for Colonel Duck

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Where have you been? :P
Mar 14 by Dunsparce
Jan 18 by Pahffo
dude you and me are both 3 month regiters XD
Nov 6, 2013 by XxSilverSalamencexX
Hi :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D
Sep 29, 2013 by CluelessPonyta
ElitestarEx/ now LighCryonics
1. My name is now DarkCryonics
2. Thats all you can say about me!!!!!! ;-;
There must be something
And if it doesnt change soon then..... lets just say i managed to steal candy's carrot
Sep 9, 2013 by ﻹDarkCryonicsﻼ
still ahead at over 600 points XD
Sep 7, 2013 by SkullBashGogoat
sure you are
Sep 7, 2013 by Colonel Duck
Im ahead now!
Sep 7, 2013 by SkullBashGogoat
Sep 6, 2013 by Colonel Duck
Im catching up! 6 point behind u
Sep 6, 2013 by SkullBashGogoat