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Member for: 4 years (since Apr 27, 2010)
Type: Editor
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Gender: M
Country: Slovakia (Central Europe)
Favorite Pokémon: In general, I favor Dark, Dragon and Ghost types. Others would be Joltik, Ninetales, Ferrothorn and Giratina-O (which I love for it´s cool design). Oh, and one just cannot not like Volcarona :D
Friend Codes: Diamond: 5198-8781-0013 - Destiny
SoulSilver: 0560-9158-6256 - Destiny
White: 5200-1615-5496 - Destiny
No WiFi, nor PO
About me: I really love fantasy and sci-fi.
Huge Dragon Age fan. I love Morrigan.
Star Wars fan (settings, not movies). Hence the name.
I study computer sciences and economy and psychology, ecology and environmental studies as my hobbies.
I´m an actor. Not professional, though. I love MacBeth.
I love literature. I love art. I enjoy drawing fantasy places and characters.
I like music. As long as it doesn´t bother me doing anything, it´s good. I like songs with smart lyrics.
I adore sunset once summer is being swapped for autumn and nighttime when it´s cold, yet dry weather.
I hate mornings. I hate Mondays. I support Garfield.
I like crocodiles, dolphins, moles, hedgehogs, parrots and predatory birds.
I enjoy lonely beaches when I´m on holiday, where I can read as many books as I want.
I wish I could spend a year travelling across the US, having a car to drive.
I love Minecraft. I love HoMaM 3.5. I love Warcraft 2. I love DOOM, Heretic, Hexen and Blood. I love Fallout 1 and 2, including restoration mods. I love Overlord I and II. I love Knights & Merchants. I love ANNO 4 and 5.
I´m interested in D&D and WoD.
I used to play MtG and Maple Story.
I love the idea of necromancy and fleshcrafting. I used to love vampires, but now it´s too mainstream.
I´m an author of fantasy books.
I love C&H, Bunni, PBF, SUPER EFFECTIVE and LFG comics.
I have no idea why am I telling you all this stuff.

//Internal notes: Æ ◕ ♥ > < ┌ ∩ ┐^//

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You sound absolutely badass. We should talk you sound so cool xD
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Omg I don't know but loads of other old users do. :o
Hellooooooooooooo :3
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