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Member for: 3 years (since Aug 18, 2011)
Type: Registered user
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Gender: Genderless
Country: Yu's Mansion - ( My cousin)
Favorite Pokémon: My Top Hardcore Pokemon: All starters pokemon expect Sinnoh/Samurott (Unova), Dragonite, Gengar, Hypno, Medicam, Flygon, Metagross, Grodoun, Latios, Staraptor,Garchomp, Victini, Favorite Region: Hoenn Favorite Gym Leader/E4/Champ: Wallace (From Hoenn, uses water type), Drake (The last E4 in Hoenn, uses dragon type) Steven (the pokemon champ in Hoenn.)
Friend Codes: 0518-7055-5609 pokemon black- Current teams-OU Sun team: record 7-3
Rain team: record 8-2
Wifi train team: record 19-1

1808 2594 4165 pokemon black 2- Current teams- OU
Sand team: Record 6-5
Sun team v1.2: Record 12-5
Hail team: Record 6-5
About me: Moved to west underworld. My ancestors are there too.
The world of negatively~

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Heard about that on the chat room I'll check it out.
Aug 24, 2013 by DemonKiller
Ever heard of City of Bones? It's about these Shadowhunters, half-angel, half-human. Some of them go undercover in the underworld for varies reasons. So you decide. :P
Aug 24, 2013 by Rio
Is that and insult Rio? Insulting me is pretty much a compliment :p ¿?¿
Aug 24, 2013 by DemonKiller
Demon killer, yet you live in the underworld....
You're like a undercover Shadowhunter.
Aug 22, 2013 by Rio
Jul 19, 2013 by DemonKiller