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Favorite Pokémon: Lucario
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About me: So yeah needless to say, I like pokemon. I know more than the average person, but the average user on this site knows more than me. Possibly. I actually don't have any idea.

I actually don't do much on this site but chat, because I suck at battling, and I don't have the patience or drive to trade and shiny hunt. I'm mainly just here for the food. I mean people. (They'll never notice)

I'm not putting up a friends list... I'm just going to awkwardly wait for someone to add me on their own, sooo... yeah...

If you have a steam account and want to add me, go ahead! You don't need my permission. I add any random person anyway, because of my trades in TF2... So don't be surprised if I greet you with "Hello what can I do for you?" Username: Reguba (the enigmatic squirrel)

Now for a nonsense poem, because I have nothing better to put here:
I do not know who you are,
But give me all your money.
Because the next rhyme down there,   
Is obvious, not funny.    

Meh, it was on the spot, so don't judge...

I had a much more detailed "About me" section, but it was really long and I got tired of it. So if you want to know more about my interests I have that here: http://textuploader.com/1zqk  Gee, I hope that worked.

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it is indeed nice to meet somebody who likes to chat somewhat about sports and likes pokemon too [: it's never to bad to just ramble on either I do it all the time infact I think you could call this rambling but anywho see ya around in chat ( gosh this feels like a truth is amirite :P).
Mar 18 by PotatigerSharkofDoom
I will certainly look for you there! I use Showdown a lot, so I can definitely help show you how it works! See you soon!
Mar 7 by Kenzie_Crobat

I see that you visited my wall! I greet you in the Lord, as your sister in Christ.

I appreciate what you said. It really does mean a lot to me. All that matters to me in this life is that I should do the will of my Father in heaven. I am very happy to inspire you in this way. Being bold about our faith always results in backlash of some sort, but God has given us a spirit of power and not of timidity, as Paul writes. It is hard to take that step of proclaiming our faith boldly to all, and some of us are there, while others are not. I pray that you will find the strength to join me as Christ's witnesses to the DB.

I agree that we should become friends! If you have Showdown, we can meet up on the server sometime! I am Mo_Kenzie there. Please post on my wall or find me in chat and let me know your username there so that we can spend some time together there!

May the peace of Christ be with you.

- Kenzie
Mar 7 by Kenzie_Crobat
Yeah dude, by all means! Add me and I'll add you back.
Mar 4 by ~-~WILL~-~
I see. Yeah, I see the dilemma. It's a good game, but they're still just games, so you don't want to break the bank over it.
Feb 16 by DarkTyphlosion
That sounds like a brilliant ending. :o

Thank you so much for watching it, by the way. I really hope you liked it.
Feb 15 by DarkTyphlosion
Ok here ya go you have : Combee Beautifly and... wait for it... Vivillion :p
Feb 8 by Sophisticles
Yay! Thanks for watching it, by the way. I never knew that's what his name meant.  You're right that it's appropriate. He's a stupid head.
Feb 5 by DarkTyphlosion
Oh yea it's Ice I believe i have snover, beartic, and dewgong? am I right? :P
Feb 4 by Sophisticles
Thanks :) it wasn't you it was the random I selected who said they wanted to battle but didn't ... oh and you Goodra was awesome I like the Hydration/Rest strategy!  I just may use it against you :p.
Feb 2 by Sophisticles