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Gender: Silvian Female
Country: Greenwood/Mirkwood, Middle Earth
Favorite Pokémon: Ninetales, Leafeon (Legolas look-a-like), Espeon, Jolteon, Lucario, Gengar, Arcanine, Goodra, Togekiss, Umbreon, Honchkrow
Friend Codes: 4682-8924-1367
Looking for a Jolly moxie Krookodile, i'll trade anything for it!

By the way, this is the order of my name changes: TheMysterIousLucario -> thelegendofninetails -> ※∞Elvinity∞※
And then to the one now.
About me: Now assigning all warriors from different realms to defeat evil and in its place, create justice. Anyone brave enough is welcome to join the pack!

If you wish to join, let me know on thy wall, and you shall join in an instant. All you need is a small description of yourself in these categories:

Weapon of choice:
Secondary weapons (optional):

You will then be instantly assigned, by default a minion.
Any whom is close to me are my prized warriors.
All of my peoples will be listed below!

All light is sacred to the Eldar, but the Wood Elves love best the
                                               l i g h t  o f  t h e  s t a r s~

Greetings fellow human, dwarf, elf or some other entity.
Welcome to my profile :)
My name is Celegnis, and I dwell not only here; but also in Greenwood, where we Silvian elves thrive. I do not really like humans, for they are very...well...

But are we elves the same?

You find us strange, and we find you strange.
Is that Clear? Then let us move on~

I enjoy jumping to conclusions :)

Here are some facts about me:
I am currently at some age in its thousands...I have lost count with my age.
I am immortal, but I can only die if I am slain or in greif.
I am Sindarin. Most of my people call me their oracle. But I am merely the Princess; Lady Greenleaf some may say.
I love the taste of blood. A weird lust for an elf, I know...but at will or anger, I am the embodiment of a wolf.
Some say it is a disease, I say it is a gift.
Although; Thranduil does not approve :)

If you are to argue with me about how 'The Lord of the Rings sucks' or that 'elves are not real',  just do me a favour: Leave me alone. I will only go into a nasty rage and I could possibly break someones neck.
Just don't try to argue with me about lotr. It will break you ;)

A useful Skyrim character to play as:
Character race: Dark elf
Weapon use/choice: Destruction magic for range (preferably fire) [left hand] Sword for close combat [right hand]
Armour choice: Light armour, preferably Elven armour or Dragon armour.
Perks: sneak, destruction, one handed, light armour, lock picking
Spread: 40% health 40% magika 20% stamina

"A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities" ~Thranduil, The Hobbit the Desolation of Smaug
Where else to find me:

On Tumblr: http://the-sindarin-oracle.tumblr.com/
On DeviantArt: http://therequiemofdesire.deviantart.com/


The Mirkwood Warriors:

Race: Wood Elven, Werewolf, Dovakiin, warrior
Level: Over 9000
Weapon of Choice: Mace of Molag Bal, Ebony War axe
Secondary Weapons: Elven Sword, Auriel's Bow
Attack: 100
Stealth: 60
Magika: 50
Armour: Daedric Armour (all set), Krosis
Rating: Leader
Steed: Gaeralagos (Sea Storm), my Albino Stag

User: Masked Torterra
Race: Elven Ninja
Level: 65
Weapon of choice: Katanas
Secondary Weapons: Throwing Stars
Attack: 66
Stealth: 100
Armour: Ninja armour of Major Stealth
Magika: 25
Rating: Prized Ninja
Steed: Frost

User: Salamaster
Race: Khajiit
Level: 66
Attack: 35
Magika: 66
Stealth: 100
Weapons: Conjuration and Illusion spells
Secondary weapons: Sanguine Rose, Daedric artefact
Armour: All Dragonscale, Helm of Waterbreathing, Curiass of Fortify Conjuration and Magicka regeneration, Gloves of Magika regeneration, Boot of Muffle, Ring of Fortify Conjuration and Amulet of fortify Illusion
Rating: Master of Illusion and Conjuration
Steed: Shadowmere

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Robo-Ninjas > Elves o3o!
Sep 2 by Cyrax
Race: Magic Ninja
Level: 69
Attack: 64
Stealth: 300
Weapons of choice: Celery sword, infinite exploding throwing stars, all of the above
Gear: Infinite Bag; all weapons/ammo can go in it, invisible cloak
Spells: Shields, summon celery minions
Secondary weapons: celery bazooka
Speed: 150
Armor: doesn't need any. Aura of awesomeness creates protection
Rating: all of the above
Steed: don't know what that is
Aug 31 by The Trapinchinator
My armour is All Dragonscale Including A helm of waterbreathing, Curiass of fortify conjuration and magicka regen, gloves of magicka regen, boots of muffle, ring of fortify conjuration and amulet of fortify illusion
Aug 29 by Salamaster13
My armour is All Dragonscale Including A helm of waterbreathing, Curiass of fortify conjuration and magicka regen, gloves of magicka regen, boots of muffle, ring of fortify conjuration and amulet of fortify illusion
Aug 29 by Salamaster13
May i join your humble cause Lady Greenleaf? I am a Level 66 Khajiit 35 Attack, 66 magika, and 100 stealth. My weapon of choice is primarily Conjuration and illusions Spells. My secondary is the Sanguine Rose, My Favorite Daedric artifact.
Aug 29 by Salamaster13
Where's my celery bazooka with infinite ammo? >:{
Aug 27 by The Trapinchinator
Aug 25 by It's a secret!
Can I be in the knights again?
Race:Elven Ninjas
Weapons:Katanas,throwing stars
Aug 21 by Masked Torterra
I like elfs, but I am a simple Dwarf in body and a Gnome in mind. I also like LotR. Tolkien books for the win.
Jul 29 by Dark_Breeder
Psycho Man (the killer)
Jun 30 by Cyrax