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Wall for Flafpert

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its ok now that you sound nice
2 days ago by chibi_gengar23
Dude, wtf is this?????

4 days ago by MrKijani
4 days ago by Flafpert
You do know that I can just repost my post?
Also Rules for the challenge are:
 - You may only build on the stone plateau
 - You may build with any material available in vanilla Minecraft
 - You may build as high as you want, and you may also build down into the earth to Bedrock level
 - You may not change the terrain in any way, you may only build on it
 - You may use any texture pack you want
 - The build must be completely original
 - You do not have to add features inside, but you can if you want to

If you think of any more let me know. Good luck Flaf, can't wait to see what you make :)
Apr 10 by MrKijani
And I'm also trying to push down MKs epic yet annoying post.
Apr 5 by Flafpert
To anyone happening to read my wall, I'm merely using it as a way to save some MC related stuff and the wall system is perfect for it. Sooo, never mind me really.
Apr 5 by Flafpert