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I start Wednesday 27, 2014 and my Calculus I starts Thursday! I am kind of nervus of tommorow and I am self confident. I cannot wait till Calculus Start and I am trying to get a head start on my books. The textbook for Calculus I is very complicated, so I useed on Youtube and the only one that save my butt is David Hays on you tube. It lectures are extermly helpful!!!
2 days ago by sheepman1306
You know the smash leaks i linked to you? Yeah, they are probably legit, since nintendo removed the leak videos from youtube and I don't think they would care that much if they were fake.
2 days ago by Viking Jofly
How was your first day of school?
3 days ago by sheepman1306
Nothing much!!
6 days ago by sheepman1306
Hello Flafpert!
Aug 22 by sheepman1306
Aug 21 by demat
Rotom-Wash @ Chesto Berry
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 248 HP / 132 Def / 128 Spe
Bold Nature
- Rest
- Volt Switch
- Will-O-Wisp
- Hydro Pump
Aug 18 by &Psychic x
[21:16] +MrKijani: Hmmm
[21:16] +MrKijani: I associate you with penguins and fur hats
[21:16] +MrKijani: for some reason
[21:17] +MrKijani: and race cars
[21:17] +MrKijani: Penguin wearing a race car jacket and wearing a fur hat?
Aug 15 by Flafpert