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Oh, so if you aren't all caught up, that means you probably don't know the big thing people are in an uproar over. Some are in an uproar for your standard Game of Thrones "you can castrate the men and flay them, but have a woman go through nonconsensual relations and we'll rabble rabble rabble over it" bs. And some for the legit reason that the change makes absolutely no goddamn bloody sense.

I've accepted a lack of Nymeria and no reborn Catherine Stark. Too many changes though, and they'll start to lose me. Which will be a shame, since I was hoping Game of Thrones would be one of those very few shows that I saw through till the end that remained perfect . :/
1 day ago by trachy
I haven't watched any of this season of GoT yet. However, I have heard that there are some pretty major changes to the books, and not really for the better. How badly are they screwing things up?
1 day ago by trachy
Congrats on 10,000 and I like your grav :)
1 day ago by Almighty Derpados
Now that you explained, I understand! Okay so I'ma stay off until (and if) I can come back on. But can you tell me when (and if)? Highly unlikely bc jojo is v strict with meh
2 days ago by Weedle Everyday
Sweden is indeed the land of cheap furniture and moose.

Farval, and

May 8 by ~Infinity
The Steam Workshop for Skyrim is now doing paid mods. Mods. You know, the things that have been free since the inception of gaming. This leads to some ludicrous stuff like people taking mods that other people made, slapping them up on the Workshop, and then profiting on them. The most egregious problem though has to do with Steam's notoriously awful customer service. Mods are even less of a safe buy than a normal video game. A person could just stop support for a mod, or Bethesda could patch the game and cause the mod to no longer work. And with Valve only offering a 24 hour refund policy, you can easily be spending money on nothing.

This whole thing feels like a cash grab by Valve and Bethesda. The mod creators only get a 25% cut, while Valve gets 30% and Bethesda 45%.

This could easily kill the modding scene, or at least damage it to a huge degree. Valve always does things with little planning, and it always ends up leading to huge problems. We've seen this in the past with Greenlight, with tags, and with them just deciding to let all sorts of crap onto the storefront.
Apr 24 by trachy
I watch the episodes two days after they come out.
Apr 14 by trachy