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"...but this is adieu to you all."

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Number 1 hard-counter to my stabmons team

Gliscor @ Toxic Orb
Ability: Poison Heal
EVs: 244 HP / 192 Sdef / 69 Spd
Careful Nature
- Thunder Wave
- Stealth Rock
- Earthquake
- Protect

9 hours ago by Lust for Glory
FAnks :>
11 hours ago by Sempiternus
thx pal lmao
2 days ago by hotcakes
Date for STABmons tour?
2 days ago by Lust for Glory
wait if u leave then how can u be a pal \(._.)/
4 days ago by hotcakes
if you noticed I was here in 2011 :]
Jul 18 by PikaMaster
btw i haven't left yet, not until i win/lose in the stabmons tour
Jul 15 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
http://i.imgur.com/s8uSDb3.png lol the #foxstevensonhypetrain is real
Jul 14 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
http://i.imgur.com/V8513Kv.png?1?4187 Thank you lottery boost for saving me the impatience xd
Also, #foxstevensonhypetrain
Jul 14 by Gʟɪɢᴜʀʀ
he hasnt left yet bc he keeps coming back to delete posts :C
Jul 14 by hotcakes