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Gender: Male
Country: UK, England
Favorite Pokémon: Weavile, Gengar
Friend Codes: None atm, but I have friends.

Btw, yes, I have a boyfriend. If you don't like this or is offended by it, get over yourself now. I won't treat anyone differently, and I expect not to be treated differently either.
About me: Sup. Tis me. still not battling, still not fully active, but tis me.

Okay, one thing, I am generally a nice person, but I'm not the type of person to sit  quietly while something is going on that I don't like. You are free to talk to me or strike a conversation or ask questions, no problem. But don't expect me to be compliment all the time. Don't be annoying and we'll be fine. I don't have enough patience to deal with morons. By the way, the majority of the time, it's not business, it's personal.

Quote of the week:

"Suit yourself, jackass"

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You're welcome :D and yeah it's pretty epic and I'm only three episodes in!
Btw I've got something I'd like to ask you which will end up helping you out but I'll tell you about it tomorrow.
3 hours ago by Sir Dan
Yeah. They are in America, but they don't have a specific nationality. The robots are very sexy. They have sexy personalities, they don't rely on external qualities to charm people. :D
3 hours ago by DarkTyphlosion
You've got into Bleach :O... **** YEAH :D!!
(Word of advice don't watch the fillers like all Anime's they sucks, however the only filler arc that's okay is the Bount Arcs still I wouldn't really watch them. Episode 228 of Bleach is a filler but it's still worth watching though( ̄ー ̄):3

No I haven't seen Reborn but several people have suggested it to me! (With you that makes 4 lol xD)

Btw I've started watching Fairy Tail... watched three episodes so far :P
3 hours ago by Sir Dan
I have been meaning to take a look into Fairy tail. I hear lots of praise and I like the animation style.
Definitely on my list of anime to watch.
5 days ago by Immortal
Who wouldn't? ;)
Jul 21 by ƒιzz
-_- Gdi PX.

Btw I finished the anime I was watching completely last night so I'm going to make a start on Fairy Tail soon :D!
Jul 20 by Sir Dan
Jul 13 by Puff
Btw have you started reading the Naruto Manga?
Jul 12 by Sir Dan
So what have you been up to lately?
Jul 12 by Sir Dan