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Gender: Male
Country: UK, England
Favorite Pokémon: Weavile, Gengar
Friend Codes: Graveyard Shift, MMX-2, Short Circuit, Brainstorm, Dead Razor, Dead Bullet, Frost Byte, AllHopeLost, Catching Flies, Creationist, Graveyard Theory, Final Form, Second Stage or New Addiction? >.>

Help me choose one? :D
About me: Sup. Tis me. still not battling, still not fully active, but tis me.

Okay, one thing, I am generally a nice person, but I'm not the type of person to sit  quietly while something is going on that I don't like. You are free to talk to me or strike a conversation or ask questions, no problem. But don't expect me to be compliment all the time. Don't be annoying and we'll be fine. I don't have enough patience to deal with morons. By the way, the majority of the time, it's not business, it's personal.


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20:50:01] &MudoTyphlosion: He loves you the way fat women love Oprah Winfrey.

"Sanity? Who needs something as useless as that?" ~ Kenpachi

Characters: Rhia, Coranna, Damen in the Aspect of Crow trilogy; John in "The Wild's Call"

Powers: foreseeing death, communicating with the dead, resurrection
As a Crow, you are analytical, adaptable, and exceedingly clever. You like solving problems, sharing a hearty laugh with friends, and most of all, enjoying a good meal. Your inquisitive, philosophical nature leads you to constantly question authority and the status quo, sometimes just for the sake of asking, "Why?"
Best matches: Foxes, Wolves, Swans
Watch out for: Wolverines, Bears, Hawks

I got the same thing as Sempi. I leik dem haks

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Questions: 29 (12 with best answer chosen)
Answers: 87 (29 chosen as best)
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You've seen Bleach?
2 days ago by Qwerty Zoom
Okay then, let's get ready to SPAM UPVOTE!! MWAHA.
3 days ago by Ayan
Cool 5000! Now pass Qwerty Zoom
3 days ago by !-<~Quagmire~>-!
Yeah, go for expert so I can reclaim my title of highest points on Meta from a Registered User.
3 days ago by Ayan
You're less than 1000 away from Expert, come on PX you can do it!
4 days ago by Sir Dan
Okay well the first arc will get the ball rolling, if you do the first arc I'll do an arc after that.
4 days ago by Sir Dan
What is a xerilia anyway?
4 days ago by Ayan
I'm being seriously lol and your words not mine xD
Aug 25 by Sir Dan
Hey thanks PX, you'd actually make a good philosopher :3
Aug 25 by Sir Dan
Ah well, there's hardly any greenery where I live anyway. Plus snow sounds pretty good...
Aug 25 by Ayan