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The Swede was me lol.
4 days ago by ThatAin'tFalco
e3e e3o!
Sep 26 by Sempiternus
Jul 31 by Pahffo
hex, I emailed you. You don't need to reply, but it's pretty important that i get to talk to you. You can refuse if you'd like, I can't force you, but even if you don't accept what I got to say to you, you'll still wanna hear what I have too say
Jun 17 by ReadyAimFire
Wut did I do? Idgi?
Jun 16 by ReadyAimFire
That wasn't me :\

 Sempiternus edited that in...
 1 day ago  by  Ninja

PX edited that in - the Mewicune part
I edited in the trachy nudes bit
Jun 16 by Sempiternus
To be fair though, I am pretty damn sexy. :P
Jun 15 by trachy
Hey I know we didn't really know one another but I just wanted to say that I still like you and respect you even if you're not an Editor anymore. Also Ninja didn't actually write that it was edited in by another user.
Jun 15 by Sir Dan
See you bud.
Jun 15 by &Shining Yin
Dang, you were here. I didn't get to say bai because I lost my computer during the whole fiasco ;-;
Jun 15 by hotcakes