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Member for: 10 months (since May 24, 2014)
Type: Registered user
Gender: female
Country: U S OF A
Favorite Pokémon: psyduck (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Friend Codes: pokemon y moon - 1005-9489-6741

 aunam (awh-nihm) *noun/verb* *acronym:* "Amazing Useful Not-Annoying Messages" Inspiring messages that are repeatedly posted on most forms of media across the world wide web. Related Words: spam ("Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages") I aunamed the DB like an epic person. (verb form) That is very inspirational aunam.
About me: Ni hao(hello) im 21 im a very random person =D get to know me and this chat wont be so dull XD im like the Essesnce of it (sassy_little_mawile claims so)

ERRY (LIL SISSY AND EEYORE from hundred acre woods she is very easy to get along to luck girl lives on a farm..i think as soon as u join and say hello she is usually the first to greet u <33 she is so ke ai to me =] I love her attitude and A WACKO FOR XENA!!!)

Terri(Berry)(battle buddehand is super nice I beat her only 2 or three times though she always gets stronger after a battle also I gotta love dis girl when is come to breeding pokemon she does it nonstop .-. its crazy I think she needs to rest more )

Thundurus192 (he is one of my good friends CX he seems all adorable but when it comes to battling he can whoop my hinie......first time battling him he took out my team with evil electivire...<3 but this kiddos cool xD i got him hooked to babymetal )

Dat Puff~ (he is cool less annoying the snow =] he like bf just like me!!! <3 but he saks! And....hey puff remember this when i am near
DEXTER (learned alot from this arrogant man never beaten him in battle Y-Y AND I MISS CHU~)

Mr.Popo(Malik)( battle buddeh DX i beat him....ONCE punk likes to come on and challenge others to just whoop em .-. its fine doh I get my OPPA YU to revenge me)

MetaKnight(good friend he is always fun to talk to and very protective about his friends =D he is a friend u can depend on but sometimes he is lonely D: even though almost everyone on chat knows him and talks to him >~< and is POOH BEAR of hundred acre woods)

Sassy_Little_Mawile(she is one of my first and very good friend of mines she is momma kanga from hundred acre woods XD I EFFIN LOVE DIS GIRL!!!!! <3 ( ˘ ³˘)~~~~~~~♥ she is my lover and im hers .-. lmao don’t get the wrong idea she has a gf name deezy >.> but im her secret concubine XD)

DemonFlygawne AKA Scrawnie Gawnie(one of my first friends he is so cute i wish i had a lil bro like his well i wish i could have a lil bro you can depend on gawne to bring the life in the chat =] and he is keai little piglet from hundred acre woods what more can I saw about him u just have to get to know him and find out how awesome tht duck is XD)

Candy(she so cute when she iS GOING CRAZY OVER TAE YANG and i totally love her obsession for asians XD and my DAUGHTER in DB  ( ˘ ³˘)♥ ( ˘ ³˘)♥ ( ˘ ³˘)♥)

(Luc)ario (he is a gooood friend XD and he has a youtube channel PLEASE SUPPORT HIM his youtube channel is SinnohUniversity)

Sempiternus(He is my aussie asian buddeh YUAN XD and he is my nephew .-. and don’t get how tht worked but okies lmao)

Fat Tony(he ish my oppa TIGGER from hundred acre woods and is like a brother to me hence the word OPPA he is funny and sweet sometimes freaking hilarious =D I love this metal headed big brother of mines =D im even smiling typing dis he is like a sunshine tht clears a rainie day yet the irony of tht  >o< poor guy can never catch a break)


Imortalkitty(she is sooooo cute  :) she makes a cute eevee also XD <3 and she is scrawnie gawnie lil sister >.> but I adopted her as my daughter :D? I beat Erry to it ahahahahahah luff chu )

Dragneel999(he is nice but he seems lonely sometimes D= >.> thoooough heis the briliant man icopied my beloved klefki from soooo thankies mistuh)

HelloBloon( one of my fav peoples to talk and rp with XD he is funny sometimes haha =3 a knight of the kindom too with a loving for amber XD but he hasn’t been on lately D= I miss chu bloonie)

Lord Kaname(a very nice kiddo who like vampire knight =D I LUFF THIS LIL METAL HEAD XD HE IS SOOOOO SWEET AND he is always protecting me from meanie pikapoo pus he is Crzy about metal gear also =D im glad to have you for a friend and bodyguard <33)

wargeymon (really nice guy for whole month straight i tried to figure who his ign was XD loser never told me till early this week YOU ROCKS SETH DAT SWIMMIERS BODY –DROOLS-)

~-~WILL~-~ (=D though he is just an editor on the site who cant seem to do n e thing on chat but tlk to DeeTee he is really sweet and adorable CX you cant hate MY marshmallon who loves to wear a top hat and a monocle CX and his love for harpie ladies ;D LUFFS CHU WILL even though u r a FREAKY FISH GUY ϵ( 'Θ' )϶DON’T KISS THE FISH! he is working hard to become an author if he does release a book I would totally buy it!! Why!? CUZ THE MAN ALWAYS HAS SOMEHING INTERESTING TO SAY!!!! He also has a youtube channel please support our future author =D http://www.youtube.com/user/XWillProductionsX WARNING! WARING! DON’T EAT WHILE WATCHING HIS GAMEPLAYS U WILL CHOKE I CHOKED ALMOST 9TIMES WATCHING JUST PART ONE OF PERSONA 3 GAME PLAY)

thelegendofninetails (thought I don’t know her very well im alrdy loving this girl omg she is like da princess of FUN AND I ADORE HER!!!! XD I ONLY KNOW HER FOR LIKE 1HR AND ALRDY SHE BECAME MY LIL SISTUH WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK XD)

DarkTyphlosion(He is the FIRST MOD I EVER BEFRIENDED AND SPAMMED buuuuuuuuuuuut THIS GUY IS SO INERESTING o_o HAI DEETEE…….he talks about the interesting st00f but poor guy is over worked ^-^” I think he needs a break)

ZekromMaster(idk him very well buuuut i know what kind of food he is to me and tht is a hamburger!!!,......mmmmmmmmmm hamburger .......)

Icy_Black_Kyurem(he is one of the awesome oppa!!! =D i call him oppa kaycee he is reeeeaaallly nice =D manjust be giving away free pokemons he helps out almost everyone get to know him u will be glad u did =D btw he is THE EVILKING OF ZUBATS!!!!!)

Pikamaster(=D what can i say bout pikamaster OH I KNOW!!! tht boi is a COWBOYS FAN LIKE ME!!!!! first time met pika he was mean to me >:( so i didnt like him much he made fun of my height so i called him PIKAPOSSUM and tht possum part became a trend XD now i gave hima new nick name and its pikapoo!!! XD aha he is Awesome i started off hating the punk but he grew on me XD he went from my daddummy to my uncle the human punching bag XD LUFFS CHU PUNCHING BAG!!!) LUFFS CHU DADDY XD  ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Hex(BY THE GODS THT BOI IS BRILLIANT WHEN IT COMES TO MUSIC =O HE IS BETTER THEN ME!!!! He is my baba .-. andis pikapoos brother on chat luffs chu~XD HE HAS A YOUTUBE CHANNEL PLEASE SUPPORT HIM!! http://www.youtube.com/GrovtPWT)

MeowingHorse(my little sister Erry doppleganger .-. some say he is a horse tht thinks he is a cat some say he is a cat tht neighs which is it we will never know =P but what we do know is HE IS AH MEI ZING!!!!!!)

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Sep 28, 2014 by Thunder-genie
Aug 27, 2014 by Smoke Weed Everyday
Why you inactive? ;-;
Aug 23, 2014 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
can we play some BF4 sometime
Aug 6, 2014 by Pahff
How did you know exactly what I look like and make it out of characters? O.o
Jul 4, 2014 by MeowingHorse
I can always leave it to Moon to fill my wall with cats xD
Jul 3, 2014 by MeowingHorse
I R Young Reezy,Kana can go **** himself because he a hater.
Jul 3, 2014 by Cyrax
Yes I did.
Jul 2, 2014 by MeowingHorse
You won't? Is that really why or is it just because Me will get mad at you?
Jul 2, 2014 by MeowingHorse
I'm sorry but I didnt understand any of that. xD
Jul 1, 2014 by !'•-Indigo-•'!